Watching your loved ones suffer from the side effects of Cancer is the most painful experiences anyone can have. These two guys have been there and done that – having seen their family members succumbed to cancer.   Big Round Balls are doing their bit for this meaningful cause with these silicon wristbands.

Interesting Promotional Poster - Grabs Attention Instantly..

It takes balls to fight cancer. Very punchy…

An original concept, the aim of this project is to raise funds for Cancer charities and organizations with a focus on testicular cancer.  With a retail price of US$ 4.00, this organisation donates US$2.00 of sales proceeds to these organizations.

Accessories that can be worn are able to constantly remind the recipients (cancer patients and their family members) that they are not alone in this fight. These guys wish to convey to everyone that just because you are sick, it doesn’t mean that life is over. Life is worth fighting for and laughter is the best cure to it.

Unforgettable promos like this create deep impressions and a call for action… 

Suggestion: A variety of colours could be made available so that there’s something for everyone.

From what we know, a jelly design of this wristband is currently in the pipeline. ODM will be more than happy to help you innovate promotional products for a meaningful campaign.

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