MasterFoods is offering a free gift, either a Knife Roll up bag or 50AU$ voucher for Coles Myer.   Just purchase of six bottles of salad dressing – then each customer needs to fill out a form that can be found on the MasterFoods website.  After this clients must mail in their purchase receipt for the salad dressing.

MasterFood Promotional Gifts

The knife roll up bag is a professional cook’s bag, used to carry up to 8 kitchen knives.  The value of the bag is of 80AU$. The customer has the choice between the bag and 50AU$ worth of Coles Myer vouchers. Giving your customers a choice between two free gifts is a great way of making sure you can grasp the attention of a larger number of potential customers. Kitchen aficionados will opt for the MasterFoods branded knife bags whereas the less enthusiastic customer will opt for the money voucher at Coles Myer.

This is a great promotional campaign with two companies coming together offering free gifts to customers. It is a great way to increase sales and visibility for both of the brands in the customers perception and on their respective markets.

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