Check out Kellogg’s latest custom wristbands! To collect these limited edition custom wristbands, customers will only have to purchase any specially marked Kellogg’s cereals and enter the two Kellogg’s Family rewards codes found inside the cereal packaging. In addition to that, Kellogg will be sharing breakfast with a child in need for the redemption of every custom wristband. ODM love this promotion as it is a promotion with a good cause! It is an effective marketing strategy that not only benefits Kellogg but also the children in starvation!

Kellogg’s custom wristbands

Kellogg’s custom wristbands

Benefits of this custom wristband

This wristband is a collector series. In order to collect all colors, customers would be enticed to purchase more Kellogg’s cereal. The exclusivity of these wristbands gives it a higher perceived value. As such, customers would definitely want to get their hands on these limited edition wristbands!

These custom wristbands are great accessories! Customers can use it on a regular basis. These wristbands are easy to customize. Companies can customized it in any preferred material or colour. For instance, Kellogg has utilized different colours and imprints to add on to the exclusivity of this marketing product. Companies could adopt a similar idea and adapt it in your company promotions!

Besides that, companies could also adopt a similar strategy by hosting a promotion with a good purpose. For instance, every order of a collector’s wristband will benefit a child with breakfast. This is a very meaningful promotion that will definitely improve Kellogg’s corporate social responsibility. As a result, customers will view this cereal brand in a better light and continue to make repeated purchases of Kellogg’s products!