Lord and Taylor is currently offering a Clarins jump rope as a free marketing product. With every purchase of a New Body Lift Cellulite Control, customers will be entitled to a free jump rope! This is a brilliant marketing strategy to boost the effectiveness of Clarins’ body slimming products. It is a marketing product that aims to keep customers sleek and trim! With this sliming treatment that prevents and corrects the appearance of early and stubborn cellulite, customers can be sleek in just 4 weeks. Needless to say a marketing product like this definitely encourages customers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So all the more companies alike should adopt a similar marketing product!

Clarins’ Marketing Product - Jump Rope

Clarins’ Marketing Product – Jump Rope

Benefits of this jump rope marketing product!

First of all, this jump rope is a marketing product that complements Clarins’ New Body Lift Cellulite Control that works as a slimming product. It is an effective way to encourage customers to exercise and maintain their figure while using Clarins’ slimming product. This increases the reliability of their sliming product which in turns brings in more sales.

Jump ropes are easy to customize. Companies can customize it in any preferred colour or shape. For instance, Clarins’ has matched the rope colour to its product colour. This act has definitely increase brand recognition as customers can easily match the colour to Clarins’ slimming products! Besides that, imprinted with Clarins’ brand name, this jump rope is a good advetising agent that continues to boost brand recall long after it has been received. As such, jump ropes are definitely an inexpensive way to provide free marketing and advertising. So what are you waiting for! Hurry up and get started with your jump ropes today!