Singapore is currently having the annual Great Singapore Sale. During this peak shopping season, many brands would offer a promo gift or two to their customers. They offer such gifts to improve customer satisfaction, which results in improved customer loyalty. Porter International is not losing out in this competition. With a minimum spending of S$450, one can receive a complimentary eco bag! There are two styles of bags; customers may choose to receive a shoulder bag or a tote bag.

Save the Earth with Porter - Promo Gift

Save the Earth with Porter – Promo Gift

Why offer a bag as a promo gift?

Porter International has offered a bag as a promo gift as they know that it is attractive to their market. The bag is of a good quality and has a high value, making it an even more attractive gift. Who wouldn’t want a good quality promo gift? Especially for high end brands, high quality gifts are a must in order to keep up with your brand image.

Apart from that, this bag is foldable, making it convenient to carry around. The bag can be placed into another bag and used when extra storage space is needed. Alternatively, this is a perfect bag to put into your luggage should you have too much shopping while on holiday.

Bags have a large surface area, suitable for branding. Branding is a must for promo gifts. This would help to enforce brand recollection. Also, this serves as a free form of advertisement for your brand when customers use the bag.

Lastly, these bags are can be re-used. The bag is also an eco bag, which shows that it is environmentally friendly. This can be translated as Porter International being an environmentally conscious brand. As more people are becoming supporters of the green movement, an environmentally conscious brand would always be in favour of consumers.