Use biodegradable products to save the earth! Every year, the amount of waste that people produce has increased enormously. And most of it is non-organic waste. As a result, more time is required for it to be decomposed and returned to Mother Nature.

So, to conserve the environment we should encourage biodegradable products. Here are some biodegradable products to consider!

Cornstarch Biodegradable Products -  Golf Nail

Cornstarch Biodegradable Products – Golf Nail

Cornstarch Biodegradable Products- Fork

Cornstarch Biodegradable Products- Fork

Cornstarch Biodegradable Products - Spoon

Cornstarch Biodegradable Products – Spoon

What is a biodegradable product?

A biodegradable product is mainly composed of organic matters like vegetable oil and cornstarch. A benefit of using biodegradable product is that it shortens the time taken for it to be decomposed. This means that it can be quickly broken down and become organic materials that are beneficial to the environment.

Besides that, biodegradable product also has the ability to conserve energy! As compared to a non-organic plastic product, a biodegradable product takes twice as less energy to produce biodegradable plastics. Hence, they aid in a better and more efficient recycling effort.

Why should your company use biodegradable products?

When you use biodegradable products your company is considered a socially responsible company. Customer will view your business and products in a better light. Your brand name will improve so as your customer loyalty.

Nowadays, as customers are more environmentally conscious they would favour your company more than your competitors. Hence, it is definitely wise to use biodegradable products for any promotional activities.

Biodegradable products can also be imprinted with your brand name and logo. Branding not only helps to advertise and market your business, it will also boost brand awareness. When customers use these biodegradable products, the imprinted brand name would immediately remind them of your company. As a result, they would remember your company as an eco-friendly and socially responsible company!

So start using biodegradable products for your promotional activities! Go green while you boost sales! And you will feel the wonders of it. Check out our ODMgreen blog on more eco-friendly promotional products!