A custom cling film substitute has many benefits that saves resources and preserves the environment. The way we store our leftovers directly impacts how much waste we produce. Therefore, why not consider alternatives that are durable, reusable, cheaper, and overall better in the long-run? Read on to find out why custom cling film substitutes are a great idea.

Product Specification: Custom Cling Film Substitute

Product Specification: Custom Cling Film Substitute

Why We Like This Custom Cling Film Substitute:

  • Eco-Friendly – As this product is made of silicon, it is more durable than a normal plastic cling film. It can also be reused multiple times. Thus, by using a cling film substitute, you are not producing unnecessary waste and needlessly polluting the environment.
  • Practicality – It is extremely practical to use this cling film substitute, as it helps you save resources. This is because you no longer need single-use cling film that you throw away after each use. Hence, this saves you time and money going to the supermarket repeatedly to purchase more and more cling film!
  • Visually Appealing – The product comes in a cute and bright pink color with an embossed design as part of our charity merchandise, specifically our breast cancer awareness merchandise. It has our CNY Pig and Breast Cancer logo, designed by our in-house design team, Mindsparkz. This cling film substitute saves you money, helps the environment, and supports the Breast Cancer community all at the same time! This will surely make you want to switch to this cling film substitute!
  • Compact Size – The size of this product is 22.5cm*22.5cm with a 10cm*10cm. Thus, it is the perfect size for your average-sized plate or bowl, providing ease of storage.
Product Specification: Custom Cling Film Substitute

Product Specification: Custom Cling Film Substitute

Why You Should Adopt This Idea:

Using regular single-use cling film has harmful effects on our health due to the chemicals in the plastic. According to new evidence, compounds found in plastic cling films can potentially cause cancer, fertility problems, and fetal problems. However, with a silicon cling film, all of these problems are mitigated. Additionally, your company can attract more customers with a silicon cling film as it is more eco-friendly. Moreover, environmentalists are more likely to support your company because of this green product. In return, this improves your brand image and increases your long-term profitability!

How we can help you:

Like this idea? At ODM, we are here to help your next project blast off! We can design, source manufacture a perfect custom cling film substitute for your organization. With the help of our talented in-house design team, we can help you create your own unique style! Not sure what you are looking for? Not to worry, we got you covered! We offer product brainstorming sessions to come up with a range of custom promotional products perfect for your organization! Contact us today to create your own custom promotional products!

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