Estee Lauder is making an important statement with their breast cancer awareness POS display. As one of the leading cosmetic companies women love, the brand is raising awareness about breast cancer.

cancer awareness POS display

cancer awareness POS display

The brand has recently released a limited edition Night Repair Serum, which is their number 1 serum to boost their breast cancer awareness drive. It’s available at John Lewis department store. Along with their newest product, they also unveiled their social media campaign #PinkRibbon25.

Tapping the power of social media is a clever move since more people are using the internet nowadays. In addition, social media have strong influence on the younger generation. Check out other creative ways to raise awareness about breast cancer:

These ideas may be simple but they create huge impact on your target audience. Some of them are items we use every day. So, as customers use your merchandise, they will always remember to support your cause due to promotional products.

In our example, the cosmetics POS display is not only eye-catching, but it’s also informative. Why do we love this campaign? It’s powerful, meaningful, and truly remarkable.

Breast Cancer Awareness POS Display: Why You Should Use It

  • Packaging: The pink packaging of their serum matches the color of the free ribbons, thereby increasing brand recall. As a result, customers will recognize them as a brand that supports breast cancer awareness.
  • Informative Advert: The poster, which served as the backdrop, is very informative. Customers can read important information about their campaign on the base of the POS display. The huge ribbon on the poster is also very prominent, attracting people to come and check them out. Moreover, placing it near the entrance creates a strong impact on shoppers.
  • Leaflets: The use of leaflets as an information dissemination tool made their marketing  campaign even more effective. Customers can read about their breast cancer awareness drive while on the go. There’s also a chance that they’ll hand it to a friend who needs it. Most importantly, the company is able to encourage people to support their cause on social media through their leaflets.
  • Key Chain: Their serum comes with a 3-charm promotional key chain that “empowers consumers to show their support for breast cancer awareness.” The key chain also has a touch of blue, which represents the less than 1% of men diagnosed with breast cancer. As people use this key chain, they become aware that men are also prone to breast cancer. This is a powerful and unique way to show support for men and women who are suffering from this deadly disease.
  • Pink Ribbon: The brand is also giving away free pink ribbons, which represents breast cancer awareness. Simple, yet it effectively communicates your company’s mission: to educate the public about the disease as well as the treatments and support available.

Estee Lauder’s breast cancer awareness POS display is simple, yet meaningful and inspiring. If you’re thinking of ways to show support for people diagnosed with cancer, a POS display can help spread your message of hope.

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