Charity Collection boxes, meaning coin boxes, come in an amazingly wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials and colors. Each style has its own particular qualities and is better adapted to one kind of Charity money collecting.

Basic cardboard/paper Charity collection box

Charity collection paper box

  • Ease of use – display it on a desk, paying counter etc..
  • Low production cost : more of what you collect goes to your cause
  • Fast production lead time.
  • Flat packed for ease of storage & distribution
  • Printed to a high standard to give your charity message or logo impact and clarity

Mobile Charity box for hand collection.

Charity collection handbox

  • Practical for street collections and easily recognisable.
  • Made of plastic : more resistant, can be used year after year, yet still very light-weighted. Customise the colour.
  • Large message area for either label or direct print onto body.
  • Customization possible : for example add-on an emblem dispenser giving out “thank you” stickers.

Charity collection bucket

  • For hurried donations : fast collections – No need to look for a slot
  • Large message area for either label or direct print
  • slightly funner, more childish aspect to it
  • For street or event collections
Figurine & Individually designed Collection boxes

  • Let your imagination run wild and choose a figurine to go on top of your box
  • Opt for a big scale collection box to park outside your office building or at the entrance of a Charity event
  • Make it more than just a collection box and add on a game. Example :Roll a coin collection box

Figurine Charity collection boxes

POS Displays

Really Wow your potential Donors by building on premise stationary collection boxes.  Make these interactive with games, sounds, lights etc…

Roll a coin Charity box

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