This is an interesting marketing idea to make your charity drive exciting. Many charity drives often involve some collection boxes to be stationed somewhere visible, such as at the cashier, door entrance and so on. Some even involve people carrying this around and approach stranger in crowded area.

Why would people give for charity when they cannot embrace the cause? Often people refuse to give not because they do not have a heart, but because they are not sure where that money will go to. Creatively design collection boxes can help you to convey your message and get people to embrace your cause. Here is an example by Childhope Asia Philippines.

Marketing Idea - Collection Box

Marketing Idea – Collection Box

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words – A Brilliant Marketing Idea

As you can see from the picture, this collection boxes has been creatively designed such that it illustrates what is going to happen to the donors’ money. This visual helps to convince people that the money goes for a good cause. It also conveys the message well. By one look, they can tell that this cause will benefit children from the picture.

Images capture people’s attention much more than words. This attractive collection box can also help your volunteers to get less rejection. It may also arouse curiosity and get people to start asking about your cause. It is a good marketing idea to increase your cause awareness.

It is very common for charitable organization to use a collection box to raise funds. Collection box can be creatively designed and highly customizable. There are many choice of material such as plastic, wood, tin or even cardboard. Some are even equipped with recording box that will make sound when a coin pass through.

Well of course you have to be careful when designing the collection box to ensure that it is in line with your cause. A “Safe the Trees” message may not be appropriate to put on wooden collection boxes; or “Safe Energy” campaign using musical collection boxes.