Promotional money boxes is a great marketing idea to get your business name and logo out for people to see. There is something so nostalgic about saving change in a money boxes. They are a clever promotional product for banks, charities, schools, and anyone that wants to encourage the collection of loose change. This means they are probably gazed upon every day.

Marketing Idea: Promotional Money Boxes

Marketing Idea: Promotional Money Boxes

Choose a practical marketing idea for your business

There are many different ways to use promo gifts in your business, but you may be asking yourself, “What can promo gifts do for my business?” The answer is that there are many different ways that promo gift can impact your business. Especially this is a great marketing idea for banks and investment companies, promotional money boxes are a fun and practical giveaway for adults and children.

It is important select marketing idea that is useful and attractive. While an email can be deleted or a flyer thrown away, the money box usually takes pride of place on a shelf or is giving to a child. A promotional money box will often sit on your clients desk. While the brochure may get lost at the bottom of a bag, people are more likely to keep their money box at the top to make sure it does not get broken.

Here are just some examples you can relate to:

  • Pig money box
  • House money box
  • Football money box
  • Car money box
  • Ceramic money box
  • Figurine money box

Using your logo in a variety of different ways

If your logo is more than 2-3 colours, Label Printing and Full Colour Labels are the way to go. The best part about a full colour print is that you can use a photo image or a logo with lots of colours, gradients and shading! Labels can often provide a larger decoration area on particular products which is sure to generate maximum brand awareness!

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Some words in Russian for our local readers:

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