Sometimes we need to send or take or some information from one computer to another, and we usually use for this for e-mail, but if you suddenly lost network connection or have files that you need to send as classified. In these cases, branded wooden USB boxes are our main assistant’s.

Increase Brand Activation with Wooden USB Boxes

Increase Brand Activation with Wooden USB Boxes

These good looking USB’s are available in different size, shapes (ordinary oval, guitar, house, etc.) and colors from light to dark shades of wood). The logo of the company could be carved onto the USB wooden boxes or printed on it for further exposure perfect for giving as free promotional gifts.

Why use brand activation with wooden USB boxes  for your marketing projects?

  • Brand Value. Using this environment friendly USB’s company could be supported by environmentally aware organizations and people who are caring about nature.
  • Brand Activation.  All products which have an annex like “organic” or “environmentally friendly” or “green” are enjoyed by the wide customer popularity.
  • Design appeal. In our time very popular style is loft. And one of the most important parts of this style are wooden wares. That’s why with this branded USB don’t be ashamed to take it with you to work where everyone could see this PC accessorize and of course companies’ logo placed on this one.Brand activation with wooden USB boxes. Besides, people use it not only for business but for everyday need’s for example watching movie with friends and its better to insert an USB  in HDMI to enjoy  the movie on the big screen. One more chance that more people will see your logo onto these branded wooden USB boxes.
  • Practical. Storage devices are so simple to use that big companies are more and more often consider them as backup media files. That’s why companies could offer Wooden USB’s with their own logo just to use it as business/corporate gifts.

Here at ODM we specialise in designing and manufacturing promotional items of all kinds of promotional. If interesting in creating your own branded accessory, or have any other questions about other promo items, please feel free to contact us. For this specific product please reference product code ODM-1214.

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