The shoe marketing is huge, with every type of material and design being covered… Except one… Non tying shoe laces! These unique inventions would be perfect as a gift with purchase for any pair of shoes, specifically travel shoes or sports shoes that are especially needed to stay secure on the foot.

Unique Gift With Purchase For Shoe Companies

Unique Gift With Purchase For Shoe Companies

These laces are specifically designed to to have knots throughout the lace to stop any loosening while being worn, keeping the shoes tight and secure on your foot without the need to worry about tightening or re tying them.

Using The Non Tie Shoe Laces In 3 Easy Steps

  1.  Ensure that there is an even length of lace on both sides.
  2. when beginning to thread, stretch out the lace to flatten out the balls making them smaller and easily threadable through the shoe lace holes. Once stretched out thread them through all the holes like a normal shoe lace.
  3. When threaded there are four ways in which they can be finished: left how they are, tucked into the shoe, tucked under the laces or tied for extra security.
Unique Gift With Purchase For Shoe Companies

Unique Gift With Purchase For Shoe Companies

How They Make A Unique Gift With Purchase

  • Innovative – As the product is a new design to the market with innovative technology that allows the shoe to no longer be tied, it is an instant attraction to anyone, especially when it is being offered as a gift with purchase. This will not only attract those to the company with the cool and unique design, but if offered only as a gift with purchase it will lead the customers no choice but to solve their demand for this product by  purchasing the shoes that it comes with.
  • Size  –  Being small and foldable they can be offered in multiple ways as a gift with purchase. Either through selling them separate to the shoes, keeping regular laces on them and having these non tying laces given in a packet separately. The other way could be through having the laces already in the shoes, which would be perfect for new releases, acting as a display to show customers how they work as well as the development of their now shoes –  the laces reflecting the companies innovation.
  • Design – The laces themselves can be customisable and offer a range of potential with colour and branding to suit the product. If you’re selling white shoes then white non tying laces would be the perfect gift to be offered with them. To activate your brand further and secure a better position, placing your logo along the laces would ensure that the customers looking at the creative non tying design or putting on the shoes themselves would regularly be reminded of your company.

To summarise these unique laces would be the perfect product to offer as a gift with purchase especially in stores and potentially trade shows. They are innovative, creative and best of all new to the shoe market, making the company using them stand out in a big way. If you are interested in promoting your company through promotional products contact us today for discussion and quote on what we can offer.

If you are interested in this specific product, please quote ODM – 1212 when speaking to our sales team.

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