Torches make great promo ideas as they are one product where its practically has not been modified throughout their use and why not? Because its good and reliable. That’s why people will think about buying this brand new two in one promo torch, as it is enough to only change the batteries and it will serve you for a long time and is one item that is a necessity for the in the house.

In addition to this promo ideas ordinary use it can be used in the house as a helper during repair work and during hiking, camping and the outdoors.

Illuminate Your Brand With a 2 in 1 Promotional TorchIlluminate Your Brand With a 2 in 1 Promotional Torch

Illuminate Your Brand With a 2 in 1 Promotional Torch

Promo ideas like this torch looks good and its bright, so you will never lose it in the grass or at home.  Also it is comfortable to hold because of its material and shape, which also makes it hard to drop out of your hands. As an added function these cool promo ideas can not only be used as a torch but also power bank!

We can say that it is quite important to be online and have the ability to connect with someone especially if you are lost during a hike. So never be without power with this 2-1 torch as it not only illuminates your way but lets you charge your phone on the go.

Promo Ideas - 2 in 1 Torch and Power bank

Promo Ideas – 2 in 1 Torch and Power bank

New promo ideas and why choose this 2 in 1 torch and power bank for your brand?

  • Design. This torch is attractive, modern and bright, great for attracting the attention of future customers and retaining existing clients. This promotional 2-1 torch and power bank can have your companies own brand logo printed on it, great for brand awareness.
  • Brand value. This kind of product could be given as a sponsor free gift during some sport competitions to athletes, coaches and members of the sports delegations. This torch could be a good gift with an on pack promotion due to its practicality.
  • Raise brand awareness. A promotional 2-1 torch is good idea for gift with purchase of your some goods your companies production, and just perfect idea if you provide some sports, traveling and household goods. This idea also good example of shopper marketing campaign. Perfect to give it as a marketing gift for the purchase of a certain amount.

This is a great looking and very useful promotional product and ODM have years of experience specialising in manufacturing and designing these cool promo ideas.  For this handy torch, please reference product code ODM-1230 to a member of our sales team.

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