This promo power bank idea is a good solution for those who love plush toys and appreciate the usefulness of a marketing product at the same time. This amazing plush power bank will charge your phone when needed and will cheer you up at the same time.

Promo Power Bank Idea - Charging Teddy Bear

Promo Power Bank Idea – Charging Teddy Bear

Charging Teddy bears are customisable, available in different colours such as beige, black, blue, brown, golden, grey, and others. There is also plenty of space for printing your company logo – the whole bear T-Shirt, and also on the label. This promo power bank is good for Android, Windows Phone, and iOS.

Promo Power Bank Idea - Charging Teddy Bear

Promo Power Bank Idea – Charging Teddy Bear

A promo power bank plush toy can also be a great marketing gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, and anniversary promos.


What makes this plush bear promo power bank a perfect item for marketing?

  • It’s cute and funny. Everyone loves plush toys, that’s why for promo power bank idea, we have chosen this character. Not only does it remind us of our sweet childhood memories, but this also can be a reminder of our first love. In this case, you give your customer the ability to charge their phones and the opportunity to smile thinking of nice memories. Your customer will surely be grateful for this promotional product.
  • It’s multifunctional. It is not only a cute plush toy, but also a power bank and keychain, so this is very convenient to take with you wherever you go. Customers will be happy to take this custom power bank themselves. They will do it every time they have to leave the house for work or school.
  • It’s eye-catching. This promo item looks unique to catch people’s eyes and this will guarantee good advertising for your brand. A unique design power bank will get customers talking about it. As a result, they might consider purchasing it as a gift for their loved ones.
  • It’s a sales incentive. The main target audience is kids and their parents. Offering this plush toy power bank can also help increase the perceived value of the main product. Because electronic products cost a bit expensive to manufacture, it is safe to say that power banks are really valuable. So when you offered a promotional power bank to incentivize customers, they will be more likely to purchase from you.


Looking for your own plush design?

To celebrate Teddy Bear Day on 8 September, here are some interesting plush designs. If you consider manufacturing a plush toy of your own design, please have a look at our useful page: Key Information about Promotional Plush Toys.


If you like this promo power bank please contact us today and quote ODM – 1292.  We can professionally assist you with our sourcing, designing, and production management experience.


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