For your next promotional campaign why not choose a branded power bank to help increase your brand awareness? Every day people are using their mobile phones and devices, and more often than not we are faced with the daunting situation of running out of power and frantically trying to find a power source to charge. But that will all change, with this innovative new power bank product: The emergency power bank.

Branded Power Bank for Emergency Situations

Branded Power Bank for Emergency Situations

These emergency power chargers can only be used once and are made using a polymer battery, however the potential they have for being a popular on the go item is huge. They can be easily stored as an extra in your bag pocket and will for sure be the save that you need at that random moment. They have high potential as gifts with purchases, on pack promotions, or as give-aways during events.

How can this emergency branded power bank increase your marketing potential?

  • Practical and unique. These little power banks are super convenient to carry and store. Unlike other power banks that are bigger and heavier, these make the perfect solution to any emergency situation and can be used to quickly charge when a power source is not available, for example in the car, travelling or even on your daily journeys.
  • Increase perceived value. This branded power bank has huge potential as it is unique.  A unique item will make the customer have a greater positive relationship with your brand, because this item is useful the customer will have better brand recall in the future.

This is such a useful product with huge promotional potential. If you are interested in this product please contact us here at ODM with the reference number ODM-1076 for more information and we’ll be happy to assist.

If you have other promotional ideas and would like to develop your marketing presence further we have years of experience in helping design an find the perfect product idea for you.

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