A promotional portable power bank is one of the most innovative promotional items that most businesses use in promoting their brands. They came up with this idea after realizing that mobile phones today are more than just a want, but definitely a need. Today’s generation is very active in the online world, thus even mobile accessories became a necessity. This fact gives ideas to most businesses to design products that are definitely beneficial to people.

promotional portable power bank

Why Portable Power Bank?

Here are some of the awesome things this promotional portable power bank can do.

Power Bank

It is undeniable that a mobile phone is already a part of people’s daily lives. They use it for work, leisure activities, and even in schools. It helps people stay connected. And having said all this, there is nothing more painful than seeing your device suddenly shut down. A mobile phone can easily drain its battery especially when it is an internet-enabled device. Almost everybody is online these days, thus mobile phone must be kept charged every time. Wherefore, a portable power bank plays a key role in today’s generation.

This portable power bank has quick charge support. It has a micro USB and comes with a cable for charging phones.

promotional portable power bank


This portable power bank is a perfect survival and emergency tool. Additionally, it can be used for outdoor activities such as trekking and camping. People usually use their mobile phones as flashlights too, yet with this portable power bank, they don’t have to worry about their mobile phone battery life.

promotional portable power bank

Hand Warmer

If you want to stay warm during the winter season or during cold weather, you will surely want to grab something to keep your hands warm.  Thus, you’ll probably be needing a hand warmer. There are so many types of hand warmers available in the market. There are light fluid hand warmers, chemical reaction hand warmers, microwavable warmer, and battery or electric warmers. This portable power bank is a battery or electric type of warmer. One of the best things about this product is that its temperature setting can be adjusted according to the user’s preference. Its temperature can be set to the first gear (50-degree Celsius) or to the second gear ( 60-degree Celsius). Consequently, it has a built-in heating element that makes it a perfect hand warmer.

promotional portable power bank

Projection Lamp

This portable power bank has still many amazing uses. Would you ever believe that this gadget can also be used as a projection lamp? This portable power bank has an intelligent digital display and LCD display design. It can project 5 types of lights- 1 lamp dual-purpose, free switching, night light plus projection lamp, short-term reading work, and lighting projection.

promotional portable power bank

How to Recharge Brands Power with this Portable Power Bank?

This innovative and unique gadget is obviously very beneficial to everyone, but how can it help businesses recharge their brands’ power?


This promotional power bank can do well as a redemption gift, gift with purchase, on-pack gift, or in any promotional activities that a business has. It could also be used as an appreciation gift for employees and a loyalty reward to customers.


Of course, safety is always at the top of the priorities. The quality of this promotional portable bank can never pull you down. The item is guaranteed safe and could last longer.

Brand Exposure

Another good thing about this product is that it can be customized. The brand logo can be imprinted on it. Since people will carry the gadget with them most of the time, having your logo on it will make them recognized and recall your brand name. The color may vary according to preference and may be made to reflect the brand’s color palette. Hence, such customized items can promote identity and originality.

Increase Sales

As more and more people go online, the demand for mobile phones is getting higher. And as mobile phones become a necessity, accessories related to this gadget would also become in demand. Of course, people would prefer items that could give them convenience and of course, things that are multi-functional. Therefore, the greater the demand, the higher the sales.

In this fast pacing world, everything is created according to its purpose and people’s necessity. Most items are created as all in one. As this trend continues to grow, businesses have to be wise on which item to invest in.

Should you need to know more about custom promotional products for businesses, feel free to reach the ODM Group. We have a team of experienced product designers who will help with design projects that you may require. From concept to sketch and 3D rendering, they are here to assist you. You may also send us an email using the product code ODM- 3531.

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