Promotional products come in various forms and sizes. Our team from the ODM Group are always on the look out for the next best promotional product. Custom power bank phone casings are one of the best promotional product to boost your brand image. As much it seems more tech-oriented, we we were also surprised to see it succeed for other consumer brands. Therefore, we believe that this product is not limited to a specific industry. Today, we will be assessing 5 reasons why it will be great for your brand.

1. Multi-purpose

Custom Power Bank Phone Casing

An example of a design done for the Coca Cola Company

Firstly, one of the basic ways to innovate is to incorporate different ideas into one. In this case, this product has done it seamlessly by incorporating a power bank into a phone casing. Ultimately, this creates a 2-in-1 model of the phone casing that allows users to charge their phones on the go. This will all be attributed to your brand.

2. Increased perceived value

When your promotional product is able to function in more ways than one, it creates a higher perceived value for your customers. Imagine what a life saver this product will be when the day comes that your customer runs out of battery to make a call back home.

3. High utility

Custom Power Bank Phone Casing

Variety of brands featured on the casings

Phone accessories, such as phone casings make such a great promotional medium. This is because, phones are highly used on a daily basis. Consider this – how often do you use your phone? We recommend using high utility products as promotional mediums because it increases brand exposure. Brand exposure is important to create familiarity and build brand recognition.

4. High energy consumption

On top of that – high usage of phones implies high energy consumption. Since phones are being used more frequently by people to connect and do work, it creates a demand for a built in power bank. This creates more reliance on your product, and in return – encourage higher usage.

5. Brand Exposure

Custom Power Bank Phone Casing

LED Logo back light when turned on

Another feature of this custom power bank phone casing is the LED logo feature. Our selected factories are able to incorporate your brand logo onto the casing with an aesthetic back-light. This creates a much more appealing sight for the brand and personalizes the phone casing.

In a nutshell…

Phone accessories, such as phone casings in general are great promotional mediums – due to their high utility. When combined with an extra feature of a power bank, it helps differentiate it from other phone casings. These custom power bank phone casings might just be what your brand needs to increase your brand awareness.

Like what you see? Contact us and quote #2681 with your own brand idea. We will help you kick-start your own custom power bank phone casing.

We love sharing marketing ideas with our readers. Concepts like gift-with-purchase and facilitating items like POS Displays are our specialty here in ODM. We also help clients customize promotional products that help boost their brand image – with the help of our sister brand Mindsparkz.

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