Looking for a good marketing idea? As you have probably noticed, most of your customers, as well as your colleagues, own a high value smartphone. These modern and powerful phones need to be protected, because they remain fragile items, annoying to replace. Check out this very cool marketing idea that you can offer to increase brand awareness!

Marketing Idea: Personalized Smartphone Covers

Marketing Idea: Personalized Smartphone Covers

Why is a phone cover a good marketing idea?

Most people buy a phone cover, in order to prevent any damage of their phone. These covers are usually quite simple, everybody has more or less the same. Even though they are usually cheap, they represent an extra cost that could be avoidable.

Indeed, by offering your customers an aesthetic personalized phone cover, it is a good marketing idea that would please them while promoting your company in a smart way! Furthermore, Phones are among the most visible items we use nowadays. People are having phone calls in the street and they put their phone on the restaurant’s table during lunchtime.

How to make the difference?

In order to personalize a phone cover, you can choose a color that reminds customers of your company and put your company’s name and logo on the cover’s back. It may also be relevant to add a picture or a drawing, related to your company’s business. For example a car dealership may add a picture of one of the cars he sells. There are many ways to personalize a phone cover, and your imagination is the limit!

Among other promotional gifts, phone covers remain very original since they are not so much used by companies. They could represent a good idea to distinct your company from others, because they are a good way to generate people’s interest: « Hey your phone cover’s great, where did you get that ? ».

Ok we are not saying that one could buy a car so he gets a free phone cover, but he could eventually come by and have a look. This would help attract more crowds and boost sales eventually!