5 Fitness Promotional Products to Keep Customers Healthy

We still have two days to go before the celebration of World Athletics Day. Introduced by the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF), the event aims to bring awareness to people about fitness. Thus, offering fitness promotional products during the event doesn’t just help you spike up your sales, it also helps people become more conscious of their health.

Being healthy is crucial nowadays. With the trauma brought by the pandemic, we may say that people are becoming more diligent about being physically healthy.


Importance of Fitness Promotional Products

As the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic brings panic to the world, it makes people realize the value of life and health. And in line with the celebration of World Athletics Day, participating in sporting events and signing up in their local gyms would be more meaningful this year.

With that being said, we have listed below some fitness promotional products that you may offer to revitalize the essence of health among people. Also, we have mentioned how it can gear up your sales for the incoming event.


1. Soft Medicine Ball

Available in 3-10 kilograms, customers may choose the weight that is ideal to tone their body. Made from PU leather, PU cotton, and PU rubber, this sports promotional item could be used for many years. They come in various fashionable colors, people would love to grab this item.

fitness promotional products

Fitness Promotional Products

This soft medicine ball is a great way to pump up muscle strength. You might already know the benefits of ball slams to the body. Aside from strengthening the muscles, it also helps achieve a stronger core. Moreover, it helps people condition their bodies and allow them to move better. If you are interested in this product, send us an email and mention product code ODM-3623.


2.Pro Jump Rope

The rope measures 3 meters and has a clip inside the handle. This clip allows users to adjust it to any desired length. The rigid plastic handle has a length of 13.5 cm, and it has a non-slip pad that brings comfort all throughout the workout.

fitness promotional products

Fitness Promotional Products – Jump Ropes

This sports merchandise is made from Polypropylene, EVA (expanded or foam rubber), and PP materials making it more convenient to use and even more durable compare to other types of jump rope available in the market.

fitness promotional products

Fitness Promotional Products – Jump Ropes

Doing physical activities such as jumping is one of the simplest yet effective forms of workouts. This jump rope comes in different designs that would surely encourage people to live an active lifestyle, little by little.

fitness promotional products

Fitness Promotional Products – Jump Ropes

Contact us and reference product code ODM-3622.


3. Sports Belt

This fitness promotional product protects users from sports injuries. Moreover, this belt also helps relieve lumbar muscle pressure.

fitness promotional products

Fitness Promotional Products – Sports Belt

In addition, most athletes and sports enthusiasts use this sports belt to help straighten their waist and back, thus avoiding soreness while doing workouts.

fitness promotional products

Fitness Promotional Products – Sports Belt


The item is made from breathable materials that prevent the suffocating feeling. Designed from PP and EVA material, the durability of this product is guaranteed. Furthermore, the belt measure 75x15cm, and comes in pink, black, and blue colors.

fitness promotional products

Fitness Promotional Products – Sports Belt


4. Elastic Resistance Band

Available in 5 vibrant colors, this resistance band would immediately pique the interest of the people. This elastic band measures 80*4cm and is made from polyester and latex material.

fitness promotional products

Fitness Promotional Products -Elastic Resistance Band

Made from high-quality material, this promotional item is definitely ideal to use even in the hardcore types of body exercise. This band is commonly used for strength training and or physical therapy. Moreover, it helps activate and tone the muscles.

fitness promotional products

Fitness Promotional Products -Elastic Resistance Band

This resistance belt also has rigid handles that enable users to have a tighter, yet comfortable grip on the item.

fitness promotional products

Fitness Promotional Products -Elastic Resistance Band

Lightweight and portable, an elastic resistance band is a perfect companion to those who still want to do simple exercise while traveling. Likewise, this product is suitable for almost everyone. If you think your brand can benefit from this product, then do not hesitate to contact us with product code ODM-3620.

fitness promotional products

Fitness Promotional Products -Elastic Resistance Band


5. Cool Training Set

Among all the fitness promotional products, this one is absolutely top-notch. This training set comes with a 500g soft dumbbell, a PVC jump rope, 2 pairs of foam handgrip, and a carrying bag.

fitness promotional products

Fitness Promotional Products – Training Set

Moreover, the training kit is undeniably aesthetically pleasing. The transparent bag adds a different appeal to the item, making it looks classy and fashionable.

The promotional sports and fitness items included in this set would definitely encourage people to be more active. Besides, this set is perfect to use during this quarantine season. It is a perfect home workout kit for people who are still afraid to go out to the gym due to the pandemic.


These fitness promotional tools are also great to promote World Athletics Day. Fitness and gym utility makers can use these products to promote an active lifestyle and intensify sales as well. As these fitness products have probably great benefits to customers, how can they help promote your business?


1.The Quality Simply Speaks for Your Brand.

Made from high-quality materials, all these fitness promotional products are guaranteed to last long. More people nowadays are looking for first-rate products which they think would be worth their penny. Providing top-notch products to consumers helps create trust from them, and would leave a great impression about your brand.


2. These Products are Highly Customizable.

All these products are absolutely customizable and are perfect to put your company logo into. You have the freedom to add your company identity to these featured items. With these sports merchandise, you can easily bring your brand anywhere and allows you to reach a wider range of customers.


3. These Fitness Items are in Demand.

Since the Covid-19 breakout, there was an increase in the interest in gym equipment. People who cannot work out or practice sports are forced to take their training in their homes. Engaging in different physical activities can help strengthen the body. With the coronavirus threat, people are restricted to go outside and visit the gym. Thus, they preferred to do a home workout as an alternative. With this, gym merchandise becomes more in demand today.


4.These Fitness Products Promote a Brand.

For brands that are in line with sports, health, and fitness, these products are perfect promotional ideas for you. These promote a great way to connect with customers with similar interests and would surely result in customer retention.


5. These Sports Products Help Spike Up Your Sales.

Whether offered as GWP, corporate gift, or your actual promotional items, these products would definitely have an advantageous position in the market. Being high-quality, practical, and good for customer’s well-being, these products would surely pique the interest of your prospective clients. Thereby help to increase your sales during the event.


To Wrap It Up…

This year’s celebration of World Athletics Day can be considered a more meaningful one. As the event helps promote the essence of being physically healthy, it is a great avenue for every business to empathize with the world. As people still suffer from the effects of the pandemic, it is very important to give more value to everyone’s health.


Connect With ODM

If you are interested in sourcing these fitness products, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You may use the product code of each featured item above.

ODM Group is consists of dedicated designers. We have also partner with Mindsparkz to provide quality services to our valued clients. We are also committed to developing and manufacturing custom promotional giveaways and personalized promotional items.  Here are ODM, we go beyond our limits just to provide the best merchandise goods to our clients!

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How to use fitness products in brand promotion during sporting events?

If you are in line with the fitness and sports business, providing fitness products as your promotional items could help you create higher visibility. Moreover giving away sports-related merchandise as giveaways or gifts with purchase items would definitely give you instant brand recognition and brand recall.

Why should a business use customized fitness products for marketing in an event?

Most businesses always consider joining in different events, especially the large ones. As such, the competition is definitely high. Thus, customizing your offered products with your brand identity would help you to be recognized by the audience. Moreover, it serves as your business card for people to connect with you.

Why should a business consider sponsoring in a sporting event?

There is no denying that most people across the globe are sports fanatics. And the number of events conducted all throughout the years has shown people's unwavering support and fondness for sports. Thus, your presence in different sporting events can help you connect with a large number of sports enthusiasts, thereby creating a wider range of customers.


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