Pure Gym, one of the UK’s leading gym franchises, have a great selection of gym merchandise and promotional ideas for sporting companies around the world. They provide a huge range, (with more to come) of different branded accessories; varying from locks, to towels, to headphone holders. They have it all for those fitness lovers out there.

With an every growing popularity in gym fitness; as their sizes grow, opening times expand and the number of facilities increase, it is not only becoming a hobby to those that enjoy it but a culture and lifestyle that is only available to those that join this “club”.


Gym Merchandise - Branded Accessories

Gym Merchandise – Branded Accessories


What better way to promote the “club” you belong to than by wearing it’s Gym merchandise. What better way to promote the “club” you belong to than by wearing it’s Gym merchandise. Promoting the unity and lifestyle with pride among fellow fitness fanatics as well as those that are not apart of the culture.


Gym Merchandise - Branded Accessories

Gym Merchandise – Branded Accessories

Why is Gym Merchandise important?

  1. Looking at both accessory examples, their branding is highly visible and available to all those that do not use their facilities. Depending on the amount of gym merchandise owned by a customer, this can create mass brand exposure to and from the gym as well as around the house, enticing new customers to join even if it is just for the products themselves.
  2. As gyms and their cultures increase so does the branding. Sportswear has always been a popular clothing choice by many with the likes of Adidas and Nike, but now that gyms are becoming so available their branding has began to have a big impact on the sporting apparel scene. With this association, the demand for gym branded goods are becoming more and more popular as people want the sporting look.

Whether you’re a gym goer or not, ODM offer a vast range of promotional products and designs to suit any company and its marketing needs. If you are interested in promoting your company either through merchandising or offering a gift with purchase our fantastic team of creatives would like to help. Contact us today for more information.

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