In store marketing helps brands stand out from their competitor. Because this promotion attracts customers to check out your product; hoping to get a successful purchase from the customers. In this display, Kinder Bueno offers the chance to win prizes in their new sales promotion in Singapore.

In store Marketing by Kinder Bueno Spin & Win Promotion

In store Marketing by Kinder Bueno Spin & Win Promotion

Kinder Bueno’s In store Marketing

First of all, the promotion entails you to log in to Kinder Bueno’s Singapore website. Simply purchase $6 worth of Kinder Bueno products. Then, the customer registers online. This gives the customer a chance to win attractive prizes. Finally, the lucky shopper gets the prizes. The customer giveaways are as follows;

  • Gold Class Tickets
  • Kinder Bueno Cushion
  • Hoverboard
  • Kinder Luggage
  • Mini Drone
  • Month’s worth of Kinder Chocolate

This marketing campaign by Kinder Bueno is a great idea. Their promotion is really effective in the saturated chocolate industry. A customer incentive strengthens the customer loyalty and brand promotion. This enhances the relationship between the customer and the brand. Also, Kinder Bueno shapes their POS display like their product. This enhances brand recognition. Overall, this in-store marketing by Kinder Bueno makes every chocolate aficionado crave for more.

In store Marketing by Kinder Bueno Spin & Win Promotion

In store Marketing by Kinder Bueno Spin & Win Promotion

Why is Kinder’s in store marketing a good example of an effective promotion?

  • Raises Brand Awareness. Kinder Bueno’s use of custom POS display drives customers to their product. The display is big and bold. Also, the top of the display highlights the ongoing promotion. Hence, customers effectively see the ongoing promo at eye level. Their promotion is really good that the brand loves in store marketing. Check out another great retail POS display from Kinder Bueno.
  • Promotes Positive Brand Image. A creative in store marketing display contributes a lot on brand recognition. This gives a good first impression on the customers. Once the customer checks out the product, they see the ongoing promotion. The promotion gives them the chance to get really cool items from the brand. Obviously, this concept adds more value to the brand. Therefore, this makes customers view your brand positively.
  • Good Product Placement. Certainly, Kinder Bueno knows their marketing really well. They strategically place their in store promotion at the end of the aisle. Therefore, customers purchase their product even more because of accessibility. Moreover, the ongoing promotion influences customers to do an impulse purchase.

Overall, this in store marketing can be very effective in improving sales and profitability. Hence, this is highly recommended.

Should these promotions interest you, feel free to contact the ODM team. They are experts in marketing and manufacturing. They’ll gladly answer any of your queries.

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