Celebrate CNY with Kinder Bueno’s Retail Chocolate Display Stand!

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, many brands are looking to spice up their POS displays to reflect the festive cheer. Kinder Bueno is no exception, we spotted this retail chocolate display stand at a supermarket in Singapore.

Retail Chocolate Display Stand

Retail Chocolate Display Stand

Advantages of Retail Chocolate Display Stand:


The display was decorated with cherry blossom flowers and was decked out in the brand colours of the brand – red and white. There was also a phrase of “Happy Lunar New Year with”. This indicates the brand wishing a Happy Chinese New Year to their customers as well.

Location Placement

The Kinder Bueno’s POS display was found prominently placed at the entrance of the supermarket. By placing the POS display in such a noticeable location, it boosts the brand visbility. It also makes the chocolate in a more effective position, helping it stand out from the chocolate on grocery store shelves.

Brand Visibility/Recall

POS displays are a great way to boost brand exposure. Printing the brand name on a POS display, allows fans of your brands and other customers to identify your brand. In addition, by adding festive decorations to your POS display, you will be able to increase your brand visibility when people are looking for festive goods.


POS displays are one of the most cost-effective tools for promoting your products. They are commonly made using corrugated cardboards as seen in the Kinder Bueno’s display. As these display stands are relatively inexpensive, it would be perfect for festive displays such as for CNY and Christmas. This is because you can print any design and information, allowing your brand to stand out from the rest of the multiple brands in the retail store.

Retail Chocolate Display Stand

Retail Chocolate Display Stand


Shelf Wobbler

The retail chocolate display stand also included several shelf wobblers also known as a shelf talker. It helps to attract customer’s attention to the product, in this case, showcasing the Kinder Joy Egg. A wobbler is great for giving products an advantage for competitors on the same shelf or on a display.


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