How Breweries Should Capitalize on Customized Beer Caddies

As a company, you may be overlooking a powerful beer marketing idea in front of your eyes: customized beer caddy.

Customized Beer Caddy

Customized Beer Caddy

Beer caddies are arguably one of the most used bar tools. Not only are they ideal for business, but they are also great for personal use. As a promotional product, they present a lot of benefits for breweries. Here are some of them:


Benefits of a Customized Beer Caddy

  • They make your beer products more appealing
  • Also called a “beer tote,” it makes carrying multiple bottles of beer easier, faster, and safer
  • They can be custom designed to reflect your brand
  • When manufacturing, materials can range from wood, plastic, and even cardboard, with wood being the most popular material of choice. Wood lends an interesting texture and aesthetic to your beer caddy
  • There is a wide area on which you can print your logo or brand name. So it works as a portable advertising medium for your company
  • Marketing managers can use the beer caddy as custom packaging for their drinks.
Customized Beer Caddy

Customized Beer Caddy

How Should Breweries Capitalize on Beer Caddies?

Customize them for Outdoor Promotions

Beer caddies are ideal for indoor and outdoor promotions. They are a staple during trade shows, music, and beer fests. During such events, breweries use caddies to serve beers to guests and participants So, not only are they practical, but they also help your brand get the boost it needs.

Made from wood, they are definitely sturdier and more stable than their cardboard counterpart. This is why they are perfect for serving drinks during outdoor events.

Customized Beer Caddy

Customized Beer Caddy


Consider Additional Functionalities

Beer caddies usually come with a crown opener on either side of the wooden box. A 2-in-1 functionality makes it really useful for customers. Incorporating a board game may also be a good way for breweries to improve the look and functionality of their customized beer caddy like this one:

Custom Beer Caddy

Custom Beer Caddy

Use for Brand Activation

Brand activation is the act of making your brand known by engaging customers directly through experiential marketing and sampling. Contests and free tastes are fantastic marketing ideas for breweries. But where does a customized beer caddy come in?

Offer bottles of beer as contest gifts and put them in a nicely decorated beer caddy to make the prize more personalized. Street marketing? Let your brand ambassadors carry a customized beer caddy while offering free drinks to your target market.


Use it as Packaging

Beer caddies make unique product packaging and gift with purchase. We have seen a lot of promotions where the GWP is also the packaging. So, this customized beer caddy not only eliminates the need for plastic packaging but also makes the products look more appealing on the shelf. Here is a fine example:


Why Should Breweries Invest in Beer Promo Products?

Promotional beer products are really important if you want to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Promo items aim to improve customers’ experience with your brand, encourage impulse buys, and convey your marketing message in a way that is not pushy or intrusive. That is why beer caddies are a brilliant promotional idea for breweries.

Finer brand remembrance is also one of the important benefits of using beer promo items. Customers are more likely to do business with companies that offer something extra or advertise through promotional products.


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