With so many beer brands around, customers are spoiled for choice! While this is good news for customers, this is certainly unsettling for beer brands! As a result, beer brands have to come up with creative and unique ways to stand out from the crowd of countless other brands. We have the perfect way to achieve that; with custom beer packaging! Check out these mini beer kegs from Desperados, Strongbow, and Heineken.

custom beer packaging

custom beer packaging

Why This Custom Beer Packaging Is So Effective:

Attracts Attention:

The custom packaging of the mini beer keg immediately catches the attention of passers-by. This unique packaging is rarely seen anywhere. Hence, this will draw in the curiosity and attention of customers. When customers compare these mini beer kegs to the other beer brands packaged in the usual cans or bottles, your brand will prominently stand out. This is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and bring attention to your brand.

Greater Volume:

The mini-beer kegs contain 5 liters of beers each. This is a much larger amount than that in 330ml cans or 500ml bottles. Hence, the custom beer packaging allows customers to purchase a greater volume of beer in one go without having to awkwardly fumble around with multiple cans or bottles. This also provides the perfect opportunity for beer brands to sell a greater volume of beer, as customers would be purchasing a much greater volume through these kegs than in cans or bottles. After all, who stops at just one can or bottle!

Fresher Beer:

These mini-beer kegs also provide fresher beer than those in cans or bottles. Beer served from casks or kegs, referred to as draft beer, provides a much fresher and overall better taste than beer served in cans or bottles. This is due to the fact that the beer keg does not allow any air or light to enter the keg. This is the reason why most reputable bars always serve beer from pressurized kegs or casks rather than from cans or bottles. Hence, your customers will appreciate good and fresh beer with these mini beer kegs. This will certainly please the beer aficionados around!

Provides Protection:

The metal container of the mini-beer kegs also acts as a protective casing for the beer. This is extremely useful in situations such as when a clumsy customer accidentally knocks one of these kegs over. If it had been a bottle, it will instantly break and spill beer all over the place, and even potentially injure people. If it had been a can, it also has the possibility of breaking and spilling beer, or at the very least, cause an indentation to the can and damage it. However, with the custom beer packaging, the beer will be extremely difficult to push over, and would not break even if it did. This is extremely useful, as after all, we are all clumsy after a few drinks!

How we can help you…

Want a custom beer packaging such as this mini beer keg for your brand? Well, you are in the right place! We here at ODM are experienced in designing, sourcing and manufacturing custom promotional products. Our in-house team of talented product designers can design the perfect custom beer packaging for your brand! Not sure what you are looking for? No worries at all! We also offer product brainstorming sessions to come up with a range of custom promotional products perfect for your brand. Do not hesitate to give us a call today to find out more about how we can help your brand with your marketing needs!

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