Every child loves candy. Not to mention, so do millions of adults! There is something about candy that brings out the child in all of us. The sight of a kid pleading with their parents to buy candy at the supermarket is not a strange sight to any of us.

custom candy packaging

With such a high demand for candy, countless brands have sprouted up to capture this market. Supermarket shelves are stacked to the brim with an endless array of candy brands. With such high competition, even established candy brands are forced to come up with ways to stand out from their competitors. An excellent way to achieve this is through custom packaging design.

Numerous brands already use custom candy packaging to market their candy. However, not all custom candy packaging are equally effective. Certain brands are much more effective than others in catching the attention of customers. We recently came across this Doraemon custom candy packaging at a supermarket in Vietnam.

custom candy packaging

Shelved right next to the Doraemon candy box was a different brand of sweets. The other brand had a similar custom promotional packaging, in the shape of a red bear. However, the Doraemon packaging is much more effective than the bear packaging. Read on to find out why…

Why The Doraemon Custom Candy Packaging is Effective:

Brand Recognition.

Doraemon is an extremely popular children’s TV show, especially in the Asian region. Thus, children in the candy aisle of the supermarket are sure to immediately recognize the packaging and be attracted to it. You can picture children squealing with delight and pestering their parents to buy the box of sweets upon laying eyes on it! Using an instantly recognizable character as your product packaging is a sure-fire way to get your brand noticed by customers.

Excellent Free Gift.

custom candy packaging

The Doraemon packaging also comes attached with a gift with purchase of a mathematical set consisting of a ruler, protractor, and set square. This is an extremely clever way to market products intended for children attractive to their parents as well. While children would probably not care much about the mathematical set, parents would certainly want it for their kids’ education. This adds another selling point for the product in the eyes of parents. This is definitely helpful in persuading parents to purchase this product.

Increased Utility.

The free gift with purchase of the mathematical set is also an excellent way of maximizing utility for the buyer. Candy is definitely a treat rather than a necessity. However, a mathematical set is often needed in school for children. Offering an essential and useful product as a free gift with the purchase of a non-essential main product is an excellent way of convincing people to buy your product, as it makes customers perceive a greater utility in purchasing your product.

Increased Brand Value.

Doraemon is a universally recognizable and reputable brand. Thus, this candy packaging creates a much greater perceived value than other brands without a recognizable packaging design. Moreover, the extremely useful gift with purchase adds utility and ultimately, greater value in purchasing the product. Overall, the Doraemon custom candy packaging is an excellent example of adding further value to a brand.

While the red bear promotional packaging is creative and interesting, it is certainly not as effective as the Doraemon packaging in persuading people into buying it. Brands who produce products with a target demographic of children can certainly learn from this Doraemon custom candy packaging on how to effectively market their product to both children and adults at the same time.

How we can help you.

Has this convinced you to go with a custom candy packaging for your brand? Luckily for you, you are in the right place! ODM has a dedicated team of talented product designers who can design and create the perfect custom candy packaging for you. We also offer product brainstorming sessions where you can decide which promotional packaging is perfect for your brand. Feel free to drop us an inquiry to find out more about how we can help your brand!

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