Hong Kong‘s Dragon Beard Candy plays on its city of residence for the packaging. As you can see from the picture below, the box displays an older picture of the Star Ferry pier with a view of Hong Kong island in the back. This kind of image on a package will trigger nostalgic feelings for native Hong Kongers.

For non residents who purchase these candies seeing an old picture of the city will bring about a sense of tradition to the delicious candy.  It also makes this product an ideal gift merchandise for tourist shops.

Dragon Beard Candy Packaging

In order to entice customers to purchase this product, the candy company could bundle in other promotional gifts related to the city of Hong Kong. One idea is to offer a 3D puzzle of a historic monument or a major landmark of the city. 3D puzzles are very easy to package and are great for family time, when the kids and parents can enjoy the candy and puzzle together for some family bonding time.

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