Foursquare Door to Promotional Products

ODM claimed our Business Address on Foursquare. Much the same process as Google Places, but Foursquare sent us a badge for our door.

Sending a Static badge to customers or business partners is a great way to advertise your cause – some ideas….

  • Sports Merchandise for Home/car
  • Bumper / Window stickers for cars
  • Crime watch warning for house window
  • Special offers/awards for restaurants
  • Partnership / Members adverts
  • Fake Parking Tickets as jokes
  • Guerilla Marketing for cars/doors

Come on over to our office or check in on Foursquare to help us put our business on the Foursquare map for Promotional Products.   In return we want to give you some special deals on new products, free design work etc..   We also want to brainstorm with you for your next marketing campaign.

Door to Promotional Products HQ - #4sqcling