What is a Matryoshka? A Matryoshka, also known as nesting doll principle is one of the most notable Russian Craft, where a set of dolls or objects of decreasing size are placed inside the other.   You can be very creative and use this design principle/concept and apply it to the Promotional Products market.   Hope the ideas below come in useful for your brainstorming session…

The Evolution of the Telephone, shown elaborately by Matryoshka

The Matryoshka (named after Russian females first name), started out from nestled dolls now evolved into a whole variety of fun themes from animals, to politicians, robots to even famous movie stars. The concept of this craft is so versatile that someone even came up with a Matryoshka Speaker.

Matryoshka Speaker for iPod

The Obama Family

With modern artists constantly innovating, there are limitless possibilities to what you can do with a Matryoshka, being able to customize easily to suit your brand. Add a creative/surprise element to your Matryoshka and you may find customers awed by every assemble!

Interesting and humorous concepts like these usually leave a deep impression, making your promo effective in terms of brand recognition.

The Matryoshka also makes an aesthetically pleasing display when it adopts a nice or quirky design, showcasing its contents in descend.  Here’s one for a Soccer Team Promo.

Matryoshka For the Manchester United Team

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Coca Cola

If you are looking for unconventional promotional products or giveaways to add to your marketing mix, why not stack your hopes on this creative item? It can be provocative or simple the way you want it.

You can create synergy with each content and fully maximize its promo potential by infusing different messages or visuals on each “doll” you want to bring across to your market in one single compact item.

Most importantly, the Matryoshka doll is able to reflect your brand image/logo in a fun and age-friendly way! 

For the Airlines - BMI! The Sky is the Limit...

Airline Promos and merchandise can really work well given the strong association of the airline (often called a Flag Carrier) with their home countries – American, British Airways, Air France, Japan Airlines to name a few.  Check out these posts for inspiration!

Besides incorporating this concept in promotional products, you can also work this into your packaging!   See below: Bombay Sapphire and McDonalds executed this with style and a tinge of humour.