Russian Dolls are popular because of its unique and fun design. But it is more than just a decorative item. When done right, this could be used as an excellent product packaging solution.

Russian Doll Packaging

Russian Doll Packaging

A nesting doll is a wooden decorative figure that when opened, reveals another doll inside. It’s basically a doll within a doll decreasing in size.

We have previously found a nesting doll packaging for a wine brand and that was a fantastic marketing tactic. Made out of wood, it provides a durable protection for the products inside. Here’s a brand that had previous success in using a Russian doll packaging for their products.

Here, Tsarine’s wine packaging made use of a custom Russian nesting doll. Although a French brand, the name “Tsarine” is of Russian origin. Therefore, the use of an iconic cultural item is a great way to derive new customers. First, the shoppers will be attracted to the packaging. Then, as the unique champagne packaging design pulls in more customers, they will be intrigued as to the history of the brand, where it got its name, or where it came from.

But before you start with your promotions, here are the reasons we find this nesting doll packaging an excellent packaging solution.


5 Reasons to Use a Russian Doll Packaging for Your Products

  • Excellent Packaging for Marketing Drinks: Marketing managers can customize the dolls to the size of the bottles. You can make the liquor packaging design as simple or as elaborate as your imagination and marketing budget allows.
  • Iconic: Because they are iconic, they easily attract people. Those who are not familiar with this unique decorative piece will be delighted to learn about its origin. Thus, this will become a good conversation starter. As the packaging looks really attractive, the packaging can also be used as a decorative item at home after they finished their bottle of wine.
Russian Doll Packaging

Russian Doll Packaging

  • Provides Sturdy Support: Made out of wood, this packaging provides a sturdy support to the bottles. The material will keep fragile bottles safe. Plastic and metal would also be good material options.
  • Adds a Surprise Factor in Your Promotion: Customers will love the surprise factor that opening a babushka doll brings. As the dolls are opened over and over again, the build up of excitement will be felt by the customers. Thus, making them interested in your offer.
Russian Doll Packaging

Russian Doll Packaging

  • Fantastic Remembrance from Your Company: Aside from being a good packaging option, the dolls could also serve as a token from your company. Your clients will definitely want this Matryoshka doll displayed in their homes or office. Or you can give them away as a gift with purchase. Displaying them along with your main selling products will definitely help boost your brand positioning. This is because offering a free gift will make your customers think they are getting more value for money. This will also serve as a remembrance from your company so whenever they see this nesting dolls, your company name will be on top of their mind the next time they go shopping.


In Conclusion…

Having a Russian Nesting Doll Packaging custom-made for your company is certainly a great packaging idea. Marketing managers can explore various materials such as wood, plastic and, metal. Moreover, there are many ways you can use it within a marketing project as they are customizable and brandable.

The striking and colorful designs will surely get people talking about your brand. Moreover, they will always remember your company as one that offers cool products with awesome brand packaging designs!

So, if you are keen to learn how you can customize custom nesting dolls for your packaging needs, feel free to contact The ODM Group. We have years of experience in designing, sourcing, and manufacturing promotional products, POS displays and all sorts of custom retail displays. We can also help with designing product packaging.

If you are interested in this product, quote product code 2640 and our merchandisers will be more than happy to assist you.

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