Moët & Chandon promoted its ice imperial with custom packaging in Thailand Duty Free Stores. Customer’s first impression is important and this visual is very eclectic with mirrors, textures and shapes all over the place.  The center bottle is on a Gold plinth.  Below the display, clients will find a more traditional line up of bottles.

With champagne Packaging Design, a brand projects its own product identity and increases awareness.

Champagne Packaging Design- by Moët & Chandon

Champagne Packaging Design- by Moët & Chandon

What We Like This Champagne Packaging Design by Moët & Chandon?

  • Color – Customers always use what they feel from the packaging to think about its quality and image. Most of the time, color is the first term that customers focus on. Moët & Chandon uses white and gold color to emphasize its elegant and high-class. Also, it has more power of influence to effect customer buying decision making.
  • Label – From the image we can see, the label which promotes “Moët On The Rock” is hanging on the bottle. The label is flexible to take out from the bottle. Label is communicate the key information to customers. And, the word printed on the label must be highlighted. Do read the blog “Barcode & Labels – Great for Branding” to know what important it is.
  • Design style – Even though it has the simple design of packaging, it present its personality. When customers get the stronger feeling from the products,  they will retain the deep impression in mind. Then, build loyalty and customer relation with brand.

Why We Like This Idea?

Champagne Packaging Design- by Moët & Chandon

Champagne Packaging Design- by Moët & Chandon

  • Attractive – Compared to other brand of champagnes packaging, a rarely color helps product stands out. In fact, a champagne with special design is not only for drinking, but also can be a display or gift. The blog “Bottle Glorifiers – Attractive Mini POS Display from Monkey Shoulder” explains more on how a drink can promoted with custom packaging and POS display ideas.
  • Increase sales -“Moët On The Rock” promotion refers to enjoy on ice in the summer. This idea is written on the packaging and label.  Thus, when customers read the information from the product, they will know the ice imperial is the suitable product for their summer.
  • Product personality– As we know that champagne is usually high-end drinks. A product packaging reflect to what market segment the brand targets. From Moët’s custom ice imperial packaging, brand aims the customers who have higher income.
  • Profitable– Some champagne brands use hard material of packaging to protect the bottle. For example, this blog “Custom Whiskey Packaging by Royal Salute: A Classic Design” is a good example of using premium packaging to give its expensive feel. However, Moët & Chandon use the lower cost but high quality of packaging to achieve the same goal.

Even though there are many types of packaging in the drinks industry, this champagne packaging design has its own feature and strength. We believe that customers will happy to purchase a product with its customized packaging.

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Here is the blog which given more detail on luminous labels. So, customer can have a drink and party in the dark.

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Choosing the right packaging and POS display will seriously impact buying behavior.   How do you use packaging on products to bring the most sales and advantage your business.