Many exciting events are lining up! It’s Christmas soon, followed by New Year in January and Valentine’s Day in February! Have you got any marketing idea for Valentine’s Day?

It is not too late yet to start conceptualizing your marketing ideas now. Take a look at what Moët & Chandon did for Valentine’s Day.

Marketing Ideas - Moët Chandon Valentine's Day Gift Set

Marketing Ideas – Moët & Chandon Valentine’s Day Gift Set

This is a Valentine’s Day Gift Set offered by Moët & Chandon Rose Imperial Champagne. They have enclosed two crystal glasses branded with Moët Rosé logo and a gold marker along with the bottle of champagne.

Moët & Chandon encourage consumers to “tag your love.” This invites customers to write on the bottle surface their love wishes before enjoying their champagne. Consumer participation encourages brand loyalty.

How does this marketing idea work on my product?

In need of a marketing idea?

Moët & Chandon have got a concept to offer. Being one of the most renowned champagne in the world, Moët & Chandon boast the sparkling quality of their champagne. A pair of crystal glasses is a great complementary product. Customers can use them while enjoying their champagne. Two is better than one, and it is so true on Valentine’s day!

Also, to encourage customer participation, Moët & Chandon included a gold marker. This make it convenient for customers to participate in this marketing campaign. You can use this marketing idea for your own product. What is the concept you would like to offer to your customer? Make it convenient for them to embrace your concept.

Offering complementary products as gift to your customers shows that you are customer-oriented. Actions speaks louder than words so don’t miss out this precious chance! Need assistance with your next marketing idea? Get in touch with us….

Another point to note is the packaging. Moët & Chandon use the same pink as the bottle for packaging. Colour is a useful tool to distinguish your product. Customers may recogninze your brand through your brand’s colours. If your product can be easily identified by the colour, use it to your advantage! Good packaging will communicate your brand better.