We certainly love this Branded Display Stand by Moet and Chandon. It was simple, yet it did not fail to catch our eyes and convince us to buy a bottle of champagne. It was a fine example of a beautiful and effective marketing display.

Branded Display Stand

Branded Display Stand

Moet and Chandon’s drink display stand is a three-tiered POS display in pink and gold hue. It spells elegance and quality. On the other hand, the ice bucket also serves as the focal point of the display while the gold champagne glasses added a beautiful accent to the whole ensemble.


Why Moet and Chandon Branded Display Stand Works?

Elegant Design: Champagne is considered on the high-end spectrum. Moet and Chandon is one of those high-end luxury champagne brands that is why they have created this classy display. The muted colors lend a classy look that suits the brand.

Colors that Pop: Adding gold to any packaging design or product is a surefire way to increase its visual appeal. Gold makes the product look high-end and expensive. Moet and Chandon’s champagne glasses come in a metallic gold finish, making it look really high end.

Branded Display Stand

Branded Display Stand

Branded Ice Bucket: The branded ice bucket is surely one of our favorites here. We like this idea because it also serves as a unique point of interest. There is a lot of expensive wine and champagne in this area of the store. But, Moet and Chandon made an interesting point of sale with this ice bucket. As such, it helped get the attention of customers and away from competitors.

Brand Placement: The branded display stand allows the company to maximize their limited space because it is not bulky and can fit in a small space. Brand placement is also on-point. The beams of their display are branded, the glasses are branded, and even the ice bucket is branded, but they were done elegantly. The branding can be noticed easily but because all the colors are aligned with their brand image.

Branded Display Stand

Branded Display Stand


What Did We Learn From this Display?

This promotion was spotted at an airport shopping center. With so many high-end brands competing for attention, it is always wise to invest in a good POS display to showcase your products. People will always choose the ones that promise quality. We only have a few seconds to create a remarkable impact on our customers, which is why we have to put a lot of thought into our display. Great brand placement and effective point of sale display design are key to making your brand stand out.


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