The recent coronavirus outbreak has a major impact on businesses. Companies who want to re-launch their businesses have to reorganize the entire working process. That’s the reason why we wanted to tell you the importance of protecting your employees from catching the COVID-19 virus with branded surgical gloves. Safety should be your top priority!

Branded surgical gloves

Branded surgical gloves

Can Surgical Gloves Protect Employees from COVID-19?

The answer is yes! Wearing surgical gloves can reduce the risk of contracting the virus. Moreover, wearing a face mask increases your protection against viruses. Employees have to be vigilant and respect standards of safety and social distancing to keep employees safe and healthy.

Even though surgical gloves can provide 100% protection, proper hand hygiene is also very important when wearing branded surgical gloves. For example, frequently using hand sanitizer or washing hands with soap.

Branded surgical gloves

Branded surgical gloves

However, wearing surgical gloves should not replace proper hand-washing and disinfecting. Surgical gloves should be reserved for medical workers, food and beverage industry workers, and caregivers.

What are the advantages of having branded surgical gloves?

Protection – If you decide to produce branded surgical gloves, it will impressively help your employees to stay protected from the virus. The safety of your employees is the most important concern for businesses. It’s also important to put some hand sanitizer and face mask to ensure a 100% protection. Moreover, ODM Group manufactures high-quality surgical gloves. Our gloves are latex-free, powder-free, and protein-free. Latex-free gloves are the best ones to protect hands.

Good brand image – You can offer your employees a custom pandemic kit which includes medical grade gloves, face masks, and sanitizers. Your employees will be happy to have protection at work and will probably remember that. Moreover, consumers can also understand that your company follows the safety standard and will be more likely to trust you as a company.

Employees feeling safe – When employees feel safe, they become productive. Therefore, despite the pandemic, we believe that they will be able to tackle any task with confidence. Taking care of your employees is essential.

How to Properly Remove Surgical Gloves?

There is a trick for removing surgical gloves. With how fast the virus spread, you cannot just toss the gloves into the trash bin because it can cause contamination. So, here are simple steps to follow when removing surgical gloves:

  1. Grab the top of your right glove with your left hand.
  2. Pull on your fingertips.
  3. Hold the empty glove with your left hand.
  4. Put 2 right-hand fingers in the top of your left glove.
  5. Pull toward your fingertip until you have pulled the glove inside out.
  6. Wash carefully your hands with soap or with hand sanitizer.

How can ODM help?

At ODM, we can help you source personal protective equipment. We also have a range of disposable and reusable masks and we work with suppliers in China with the required certifications to get the best prices. If you need more advice on deciding between the two?  You can reach out to us and our team will help you out.

Other than masks,  we can also assist you with a broad range of COVID19-related products such as custom disposable kids maskscustom hand sanitizersbranded UV Light Sanitizersbranded paper soapcustom face mask pouch, or hand sanitizer packaging.

ODM is committed to working with partners as a Transparent Buying Office. We work open book with clients, factories, and suppliers. It is critical to get supplies moving fast and to have fair market pricing during the current Pandemic. Check out other #Covid19 and #Coronavirus related posts.

If you are also looking for other custom promotional products, our magazine has over 7000 case studies to inspire you with ideas. In addition, our team of designers and merchandisers can assist you in promotional product design and sourcing.

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