The COVID19 situation seems to be getting better, and the cases are rising at a lower rate. Businesses like restaurants are resuming operations and re-opening soon. According to US experts, the COVID-19 pandemic could last for 2 years. Hence, people should still continue to exercise being mindful about their own personal health and safety and practice social distancing. Businesses should still implement protective measures, such as having branded restaurant dividers in restaurants, to avoid forming potential clusters.

Branded Restaurant Divider

Branded Restaurant Divider

Although Hong Kong and Taiwan are near the origin place of the virus,  they are not as badly affected by the pandemic. In fact, life seems normal there and residents are free to go out. This is because many preventive measures are put into place, like having dividers in the restaurant to prevent contact and spread of germs. In addition, they are effective in mitigating the spread, and also, restaurants in Europe are also modeling these measures.


Why a Branded Restaurant Divider?

Practicing Social Distancing

You will able to safely operate your business and with social distancing measures in place. The branded restaurant divider acts as a barrier between people from airborne droplets.


Promote your Brand

You can have your logo on the divider. Hence, this is a great way to promote your brand and increase brand exposure. Also, they are a great way of in-store promotion and pandemic advertising. They are customizable to any shape or dimension you want depending on the space. In addition, you can also choose the material, like plexiglass or acrylic plastic.

Branded Restaurant Divider

Branded Restaurant Divider

Boost Brand Image

Having such preventive measures initiated by your brand can show potential customers that you care about people’s health and safety and committed to protecting people from the spread of the virus.

Branded Restaurant Divider

Branded Restaurant Divider

Interested in a Branded Restaurant Divider?

A Branded Restaurant Divider is a great item to have at restaurants as it has proven to be an effective preventive measure to enforce social distancing, mitigate the spread, and preventing the formation of new clusters. They are great promotional displays to promote your brand and boost your brand image! Do contact us and quote the product code ODM-2970.

If you are interested in this product, do drop us an email and our team can help you with it. Also, at ODM, we can assist you with a broad range of COVID19-related supplies such as custom hand sanitizersbottle glorifier designs for hand sanitizers, branded paper soapcustom face mask pouch, or hand sanitizer packaging.

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