Today, May 5th is World Hand Hygiene Day! Hand Hygiene is really important, especially now, to protect yourself from infections and diseases. When people start to return to their workplaces once the COVID19 situation clears up, the habit of handwashing should still be adopted as it is one of the most effective ways to protect oneself. Furthermore, you will come into contact with many people at work.  Therefore, disinfectants should be readily accessible to all, and a branded hand sanitizer dispenser will be a great product to have at workplaces or public areas.

Hand Hygiene Day

Hand Hygiene Day


Branded Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Product Specifications

  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Size: 700ml;10x10x22cm
  • Logo: Laser printing
branded hand sanitizer dispenser

Branded Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


The dispenser is made of stainless steel, hence it will not rust and is durable. Furthermore, the metallic surface of the dispenser gives it a very premium and classy look.


There are 4 colours and designs you can choose from and are all visually appealing.

Branded Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Branded Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


You can have your brand logo laser printed on them to make them specialised. They can make great promotional products to also promote your company and brand.


The machine dispenses the solution automatically, just by placing your hand below the sensor area. This is much better and safer than other dispensers where you have to push a button. Hence, it prevents the spread of germs as people’s hands may be dirty before putting on hand sanitizer.


Branded Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Branded Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The automatic dispenser has a multifunction button that you can use to adjust the volume of the solution to dispense.


Security Lock

Branded Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Branded Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

There is a security lock to prevent people from opening the dispenser and contaminate the solution. Thus ensuring proper sanitation and safe use for others.



The branded hand sanitizer dispenser contains a liquid bottle inside, which can contain 700ml of hand sanitizer or other solutions. The machine dispenses about 1ml of sanitizer solution, meaning that it is sufficient for about 700 people.


Wall Mounted


Branded Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Branded Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The branded hand sanitizer dispenser comes with stainless steel brackets and screws, which you can use to mount on walls. You can place them in common areas, entrances, meeting rooms, lounges or cafes, and restaurants.  In addition, you can store hand washing soap in the dispenser and place them in toilets.

Mounting them on walls will allow you to save space. You will not need a stand which can be an obstruction to others.

Branded Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Branded Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


Why a Branded Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

Brand Image

Providing hand sanitizer and making them readily available shows that you prioritise workspace hygiene and care for other people’s safety and health. Sometimes, clients, suppliers, or investors may pay a visit to your office and a clean and sanitary workplace will give them a good impression of your company.

Boost Employee Morale and Work Satisfaction

Providing such necessities to your employees will show that the company treats them well. Hence, it increases work satisfaction. When they are happy at work, they will be more productive and will be driven to do their jobs well. Furthermore, they will continue to be loyal to your company.


Healthier Employees

Having a hygienic and sanitary workspace will prevent the spread of germs and infections. Your employees will be less likely to fall sick for work and thus, reduce health risks for others.


Our Takeaways

The hand sanitizer dispenser is a great promotional item to have in workplaces and public areas to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. These many features of this product prove that you should have one as well. In addition, having them in your offices will boost your brand image and employee satisfaction, also reduces health risks.

If you are interested in the product, you can reach out to us and quote the product code, ODM-2952.


Here, at ODM,  we can also assist you with a broad range of COVID19-related products such as custom disposable kids maskscustom hand sanitizers, branded UV Light Sanitizersbranded paper soapcustom face mask pouch, or hand sanitizer packaging.


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How ODM can help

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