Spread awareness, not germs! Handing out a credit card hand sanitizer may be one of the best ways to help fight disease-causing germs whilst promoting your brand. The custom spray bottle is made in the size and shape of a credit card so it encourages people to sanitize their hands on the go where water and soap are not readily available.

Custom Spray Bottle

Custom Spray Bottle


Size: The custom spray bottle measures 8.7 mm (height) 5.5 mm (width) and 20mL volume capacity

Branding: Wide imprint area for logos, brand names, and brand identities

Material: PP plastic

Pump Spray Bottle



Slim Size and Portable: The slim size bottle allows people to keep the hand spray in their jeans pockets, purse, and bag pockets. This way, your recipients will not forget to bring the hand sanitizer wherever they go. As the product is slim and lightweight, it makes carrying the hand sanitizer easier.

Brand Exposure: Promotional products serve as your business card and branding this slim-size sanitizer spray is a simple way to enhance your exposure. So the next time you conduct on-street marketing or host trade shows, you only have to offer these sanitizers instead of your business card.

Custom Spray Bottle

Custom Spray Bottle

Timely: With so many people getting sick today, the demand for custom hand sanitizers will only increase. Hand washing and using sanitizers are our first-line of defense against germs. This is why hand sanitizers are timely and very practical promotional gifts for your customers.

Customization: The bottles come in different colors: white, black, red, and transparent. With this product, you have two sides to play with: front and back. Silkscreen printing your logo will ensure the longevity and quality of the design.

Custom Spray Bottle

Custom Spray Bottle

Spread Awareness: Having a clear understanding of how personal hygiene can help curb many of today’s diseases. Your custom spray bottle can be an effective tool for information dissemination. For instance, have the front side printed with your brand name, while the back may be printed with telephone numbers of hospitals or tips on how to fight COVID 19.


Custom Spray Bottle- How to Advertise with Credit Card Hand Sanitizers

The credit card hand sanitizer is a product that customers can use even after this pandemic is over. Made from PP plastic, the spray bottle can even be reused and refilled for future use. So, to help you make the most out of your promotional hand sanitizer, here are some tips.

Custom Spray Bottle

Custom Spray Bottle

Offer as a Trade Show Gift: Offer visitors these credit card hand sanitizers as a promotional event giveaway. Instead of a business card, offer them this to keep your brand on top of their minds.

Travel Marketing: Some countries have relaxed their rules on travel and tourism amid the pandemic. Give the gift of peace of mind with this credit card hand sanitizer spray!

On-Pack Promotions and Gift with Purchase: Small and compact, this cheap promotional item will make a great on-pack offer for retail. Attach them on the packaging for an instant call-to-action.

Brand Activation: Hotels, local government units, hospitals, restaurants, and clinics might want to offer this credit card hand sanitizer as part of a pandemic kit.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can these custom spray bottles lead to quicker product turnaround?

Yes, these custom spray bottles not only expels more product but provides a notable business benefit of allowing customers to use the product quicker. Hence, this leads to customers purchasing replacement bottles more frequently.

Other than Silkscreen printing, are there any other methods of customizations?

Yes, the product offers a variety of customization methods such as stickers, labels, etc. You can choose to finish it off with lamination or UV varnishes for water resistance and protection for the labels. Contact us today to learn more about them!

Will the quality of material affect brand exposure?

Products made from high-quality materials with visual appeal are highly likely to be used on a daily basis. Customers will be impressed by the high-quality and innovation of the product you give. Leaving customers with positive impressions of your branded products will most definitely affect brand exposure.