Trade fairs offer tremendous opportunities for companies to showcase their products and services. One of the best ways to gain brand exposure is by giving away unique promotional event giveaways or trade fair souvenirs. Furthermore, Promotional giveaway products are surefire way to increase event turnout and create brand awareness.

Promotional Event Giveaways

Promotional Event Giveaways

Why invest in trade show giveaways? Trade show marketing gifts not only sustain audience interest but they also serve as a tangible reminder of their experience. So every time they use your gifts, they will always remember your brand and the great time they had at the convention.

Promotional Event Giveaways

Promotional Event Giveaways

Take a look at this example from Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair, which was held on September 3-7 2019.  Attendees can redeem a foldable book lamp at the end of the event after they collected one stamp each from two designated counters.


What We Like About HKTDC’s  Promotional Event Giveaway?

This lamp giveaway is surely different from all the promotional lamps we have seen before. Practical and beautiful, this foldable book lamp will surely get visitors excited. Displaying this merchandise in the living room exposes the brand to many people. This means its unique design will make an interesting conversation starter among guests.

Promotional Event Giveaways

Promotional Event Giveaways

Below is a similar design from our factory:

Aside from trade shows, this would also make a great promotional item for office and school promotions. The body can be customized to match your branding requirements. They can be made simple or as elaborate as needed. The front and back part are ideal for printing your brand name or logo on.



Why Offer Promotional Event Giveaways?

1.Improve Trade Show Turnout

Offering custom promotional merchandise during trade fairs will surely help increase the number of attendees. Receiving something from your company not only makes visitors happy, but it also makes them want to attend upcoming conventions.

2.Fuel Attendees’ Interest

Having a unique promotional product to give away during trade show will surely encourage people to go to your event. Attendees are more receptive of your brand message when you give them an incentive. Moreover, this will surely improve trade show turnout, which means greater exposure for the brand.

3.Make Lasting Impression

The goal of giving away promotional gifts during trade shows is to make your booth stand out from the rest. Attendees tend to remember companies that offer marketing gifts than those who don’t. However, not just any branded promotional gift will do. Gifts that are practical and visually appealing are what visitors and customers want.

Promotional branded bags, custom T-shirt giveaways, custom promotional pens, and promotional caps are commonly used giveaway merchandise for events because they are affordable, customizable, and practical. However, to really distinguish yourself from other companies, offer visitors something that they cannot get anywhere else. Offering unique promotional event giveaways not only improves event turnout, but it also enhances your visitor’s trade show experience.

4. Brand Recognition

Promotional gifts extend your brand visibility beyond trade show booths. As people see or use your marketing gifts, they will eventually associate your brand with cool promotional merchandise, thus keeping your company on top of their minds.


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