Choosing convention giveaway ideas is a critical marketing strategy to attract customers at trade shows or conventions. ODM has brainstormed some trade show promotional ideas for you. These products have a long product life, high utility value, and can for sure help with brand awareness.

1. Foldable Stationery Holder

 Convention Giveaway ideas-Folable stationery holder

Convention Giveaway ideas-Folable stationery holder

These foldable stationery holders go well as On-Pack Promos and offer a lot of room for branding. For branding purpose, we can de-boss your logo to give it a high-end touch and customize the leather color as per the image above. Why not play around with sizes and shapes to give it a funky design?


2. Notebook-shaped Water Bottle

Convention Giveaway Ideas-water bottle

Convention Giveaway Ideas- Water Bottle

The foundation designs for the water bottle is the round shape. However, they take up a lot of space in our bags. Thus, we’re always looking for innovative products to replace.  As you can see above, ODM found an amazing idea of a notebook shaped water bottle- a great marketing gift.  The bottle comes in a flat geometric form and essentially makes it a three dimensions-rectangle. You can carry it inside your bag and consider it as a book. Notebook shaped water bottle is made of food-grade plastic. Also, you can easily choose A3/A4/A5 to meet your client’s requirements. You will delight your customers and surprise them with the notebook shaped water bottle as a custom giveaway idea for a convention.


3. Branded Handy Power Bank.

 Convention Giveaway idea- Handy emergency power bank

Convention Giveaway idea- Handy emergency power bank

There are numerous designs of power banks in the market for an emergency charge for your phones. Thus the handy emergency power bank is the perfect promotional giveaway product. The decent rectangular power banks Mindsparkz created are a good promo to include within your strategy as it is really unique. If you’re currently looking for a practical and eye-catching premium giveaway item for your customers, then handy power bank is the trendy one.


4. Custom Webcam Covers

Custom Webcam Covers are cost-effective and useful custom promotional merchandise to giveaway at conventions. You can cover your front-facing cameras with these covers when it is not in use. This can help protect your personal privacy by preventing hackers from hacking your webcam and at taking a peek at what you are doing.  The webcam covers can be customised by choosing the colour and shape and also having your brand logo printed on them.

5. Custom Screen Cleaner

These custom screen cleaners have a 2-in-1 function. Firstly, it can clean and get rid of bacteria on your mobile phone screens with the sanitizer solution. Secondly, the casing of the cleaner can also be a phone stand. They make great branded promotional merchandise to give away as it can also boost your brand image. They are really useful accessories now when cleanliness and hygiene are in everyone’s mind.


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Why should I have corporate giveaway items at trade shows?

They can help boost your brand image and remembrance. Customers will remember your brand and would also want to know more about it.

Do corporate giveaway items have to be expensive?

No, they do not have to be. There are many giveaway ideas that are useful and also very cost-effective. If you are looking for some ideas, you can reach out to our ODM team!

What makes a great giveaway item?

The best items are the ones that are trendy, innovative, and useful. They are also customised with their brand logo printed on them.