Our staff sighted these awesome custom cup sleeves at a cafe in Russia- a nice spin to the usual tumbler sleeves. Creativity, uniqueness, and practicality are what made this coffee shop merch idea stand out. We absolutely adore these cute knitted mug sleeves to keep drinks warm!

Custom Cup Sleeves

Custom Cup Sleeves

Coffee cup sleeves are usually made out of paper and silicone, but it is rare to see knitted ones. And that is what made them remarkable. More than a decorative piece, these mini mug sweaters are a unique way to reach their target market.

Coffee cup sleeves are a great place to print and advertise your company. They are also a fantastic way to add pizzaz to your otherwise plain coffee cups. Before we delve into how they make excellent marketing tools, here are some of the reasons they are a worthwhile investment:


Why Promote with Custom Cup Sleeves?

1. Keep Drinks Warm: 

The knitted mini mug sweaters insulate the mug, keeping the drink warm for a bit longer. Nobody wants a stale cup of coffee, right? In a way, it helps preserve the quality of the drinks so people can enjoy them more.

2. Timely and Eye-Catching

The wooly custom cup sleeves were unveiled just in time for the Holidays, which explains the festive designs. Displaying them added a joyous vibe to the shop. Seeing your favorite chocolate drink being served in these cute little mugs with cozy sweaters just makes the experience even better.

Custom Cup Sleeves

Custom Cup Sleeves

3. Protect Hands

The thick and soft knitted fabric protects the hands from getting scalded. The fabric also tends to absorb liquid that may drip from the lid.

4. Great Marketing Giveaway

Mug sweaters are absolutely gorgeous accessories you can offer your customers. Make cool designs that they will love to collect so that they will come for more. They can be offered as part of your loyalty program or as a retail product just like what Starbucks does with their coffee shop merchandise.

5. Eco-Friendly

Not only are they pretty, but the sleeves are also washable and reusable. Therefore, it minimizes the need to use newly printed paper koozies for dine-in customers. Cardboard cup sleeves are one-time use only. So even though they are considered eco-friendly (in the sense that they can be made from recycled paper) they are not as sturdy or long-lasting as knitted ones. Therefore, the knitted ones prove to be a greener option than paper ones in the long run.

Custom Cup Sleeves

Custom Cup Sleeves


Ways to Promote with Custom Cup Sleeves

They Can be Used to Promote a Cause

For instance, a few years back, Innocent launched “Big Knit” charity merchandise to help the residents of  Age UK. The juice UK-based juice brand sold behatted bottles of juice to collect funds for the organization. The knitted wooly hats were all hand-made and donated by supporters. You can also do this with your knitted mug sweater.


Experiment with Designs!

What makes the above examples really captivating and interesting are the designs. They match up with the shop’s Christmassy interior. The good news, custom cup sleeves are not only ideal for Christmas as they can also be customized for other events such as New Year, Valentine’s, Holloween, and other quirky celebrations because people always crave hot drinks no matter the weather or event.

Do not be afraid to experiment with designs. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as your imagination allows! Create something that your customers will remember you by. Here are similar product ideas that you can draw inspiration from:

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Bottle Jackets? In this blog, Tito’s bottle necker gift is a cute mini sweater. It was perfect for Christmas.


Our Key Takeaways…

So how does advertising on cup sleeves work? Custom cup sleeves literally bring your brand into the hands of your customers. Done right, they can even push people to act on your call-to-action.

People are always craving hot drinks no matter the weather, so they also offer a great opportunity to promote your brand message and create brand awareness in your locality. Furthermore, as people love to share drinks with their friends, unique custom cup sleeves double your exposure. They are great conversation starters at shops and even trade shows!


Where Does ODM Come In?

Are you looking for interesting promotional product ideas to promote your business? Get in touch with our marketing professionals and skilled product designers. We work hard to deliver the best possible custom promotional merchandise that suits your brand. If you have any product ideas in mind, feel free to send us an email!

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