Here is an interesting case study, for the beverage industry, on how to promote your brand using special packaging. After bottle coats, the latest marketing trend in the drinks industry highlighted on our blog, here come flask sleeves!

Promotional Packaging by Hennessy

Hennessy promotional packaging - flask sleeves

Hennessy just launched these limited edition flask sleeves. Though we have encountered many bottle coat promotions throughout the past, this is the 1st time we have spotted such original packaging for this format of bottle.

The sleeve is made out of silicon rubber and is therefore highly resistant. It could be re-used as many times as you want on any Hennessy flask.

The sleeves come in a variety of vibrant, stylish colours including red, yellow, purple, and green.  The sleeves are not actually branded as there is a frame to show off the bottle label. This was a smart move by Hennessy as refraining from branding every last element of the packaging testifies of the brand’s prestige and good taste.

The nice slip resistant grip makes it perfect for fishing trips, making you even more likely than before to re-use the Hennessy flask bottle in slippery situations. It reminds us greatly of the Octopus Coolie ODM developed.

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