When it comes to marketing drinks, the more unique the promotional product is, the better. There are so many liquor brands that compete for customers’ attention that it has become difficult to get ahead of your competitors. So if you are looking for new giveaway ideas for your customers, a branded cooler bag may be right for your company.

Branded Cooler Bag

Branded Cooler Bag

Here’s a great example from el Jimador Tequila. Promoting their New Mix line, they are offering a branded cooler bag that includes 6 cans of ready-to-go cocktail drinks. Practical and nicely-branded, we love this idea as the giveaway product also serves as the packaging. The cooler bag has helped the brand boost its sales in so many ways. Here’s why:


Why We Love this Branded Cooler Bag by el Jimador

  • Multifunctional: Once customers have consumed all the drinks, they can use it to keep beers, softdrinks, and energy drinks cool all day long. This is great for camping, outdoor events, and sporting events.
  • High Quality Materials: Looking at the custom cooler bag, we can say that the fabric used is of good quality and is waterproof. This way, the moisture from the cold beverage will not leak.
Branded Cooler Bag

Branded Cooler Bag

  • Cooler Bag Design: It’s portable and has a strap for ease of carriage. This may be a good design choice as most cooler bags only have short handles and this may not be ergonomic for everyone.
  • Banding: You can also see that they have printed their brand name on the flap. The white-black font color pop against the blue background. We also noticed that they have attached a tag on the pocket. Written on the tag are the flavors of their drinks so that customers will know what’s included in the gift set.
Branded Cooler Bag

Branded Cooler Bag

Using a branded cooler bag as a promotional merchandise may be one of the coolest ways to promote drinks. Like promotional branded glasses, custom jiggers, and other bar related items, coolers are practical and they last for years. As such, you can be sure to have long-lasting brand interaction with your customers.

One of the brands that had previous success in using cooler bags for their campaign is Hitejinro. Learn more about their successful campaign here:

Here are Ways A Branded Cooler Bag Can Amp Up Your Marketing

  • Rewards Can Inspire Brand Loyalty: Offering a practical reward can definitely make our customers feel good about their purchases. And when they feel rewarded, it makes them more eager to buy from you because they know they can expect great customer giveaways from your brand.
  • Brand Visibility: Because they are meant to be used outdoors, more people will see the brand on the bags when customers use them. Marketing managers can get creative with their branding by using long-lasting printing such as embroidered logos or rubberized brand names.
  • Customer Retention: Not only does it keep drinks cool, but it also helps with customer retention. How? Because you are giving away something that promises enhanced drinking experience, customers will believe that you are a reliable company that provide what customers need and want.

So what did we learn from this example? The practicality, relevance, and wide imprint area and the design flexibility all make a branded cooler bag an excellent promotional gift for the drink industry. Customers will be happy to receive an incentive that they could use on a regular basis.


How ODM Can Help Source Your Very Own Branded Cooler Bag?

ODM has vast experience in the promotional product industry. We have sourcing offices in China and Vietnam. Our product designers, merchandisers, and factories work hand in hand to provide our clients with excellent promotional products to help grow their business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in promoting your brand.

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