We have seen a lot of awesome cooler bags being given away as a free gift or a purchase with purchase item for in-store promotional campaigns. However, this cooler is different in that it is made from burlap. Great for marketing drinks, this custom burlap pouch will surely make your brand more appealing and eco-friendly.

Custom Burlap Pouch

Custom Burlap Pouch

Why should you invest in a custom burlap pouch? Aesthetics, environmental impact, and durability are some of the factors that will convince you to choose burlap cooler than ordinary ones. They are perfect for promoting beer, wine, whiskey, and even soft drinks at trade shows and retail stores.

So, should you jump into the trend? Below, we explain why your brand needs it.


Why Custom Burlap Pouch?

Eco-Friendly- As the material is made from natural fiber, it is 100% eco-friendly. Because it is durable, it is guaranteed long-lasting. So if you have a burlap shopping bag, you can be sure that you will not need to buy a replacement any time soon. Moreover, this could enhance your green marketing campaign in many ways.

Durable– Burlap is durable, which makes it an ideal packaging or cooler cover. So this pouch really adds an additional layer of protection for the bottles. Customers can also use them to crush ice.

Aesthetically Pleasing– Its coarse texture lends a rustic appeal. Thus, people who are into collecting vintage items will surely find the cooler bag really interesting. Furthermore, it’s vintage appearance suits well-aged liquor such as wine and whiskey. Take a look at this example:


Design Flexibility– The branding is clear and added a vintage look to the product. Furthermore, they can be made into any size, depending on the size of the bottle.

Uniqueness– We suggest that marketing managers use this burlap cooler as a customer incentive or a gift with purchase together with drinks. The uniqueness of the promotional merchandise will surely captivate customers. Products that stir curiosity are more likely to garner more attention than basic ones.


But What is Burlap?

So what is a burlap fabric? Burlap is a strong woven textile that is made from plant fibers. It is often used for making “burlap sack.” In the past, people use burlap sacks for hauling crops and coffee. It is also a popular material for creating home decor and crafts.

Burlap is made from the skin of the jute plant, which gives it a coarse texture. Jute ranks second to cotton in terms of the amount produced and application. It is also one of the most affordable natural fibers out there and it is used for manufacturing rope, paper, and fabrics.

But how is burlap fabric made? The first step to manufacturing burlap fabric is “batching,” wherein jute fibers are grouped according to their size, color, and fineness. Doing so allows manufacturers to achieve a certain color or quality.

The next step would be “softening” wherein the jute fiber, which was pre-treated with oil and water, will be fed into sets of heavy spiral fluted rollers to make it more pliant and soft. Next is “carding” wherein the fiber is fed in machines where the fabric will be cut and made into long continuous ribbons of 5″ or 6″ width, called sliver.

Afterward, the sliver is then fed into a drawing machine to produce smoother and even sliver. The next step would be spinning, which involves twisting of sliver and converting them into finished yarn.

Then, the fiber will be wounded over a beam for subsequent processing. It will be treated with starch before being loaded onto a warp beam for weaving. The last stages are weaving and sewing, The fabric is woven on different looms and once the right smoothness and texture is achieved, it will then be sewn into bags, sacks, and pouches and even koozies.


Our Takeaways

So, if you are looking for new drinks promotional products, then this custom burlap pouch is right for you. It is beautiful, eco-friendly, DURABLE, and really functional. It provides a lot of great benefits for your business such as increased brand awareness, higher sales, and more walk-ins than walk-throughs.


Contact ODM

So if you like this product, contact ODM and quote product code ODM-2909. We can help you customize your burlap cooler to match your brand and boost your business.

We also have a range of custom promotional merchandise for beer, wine, whiskey, and even sodas. Our Mindsparkz team will help your ideas come alive by providing high-quality product design concepts. We also work closely with china factories and source budget-friendly merchandise for business. So get in touch with us today!

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