As part of their promotional campaign in Hong Kong, Pocari Sweat is offering a cooler bag set for customers. The gift set includes a cooler bag with logo and 2 boxes of Pocari Sweat powder. Spotted at a supermarket in Hong Kong, we especially like the cooler bag because not only does it serve as an incentive, but it also doubles as a custom packaging for the products.

Cooler Bag with Logo

Cooler Bag with Logo

The cooler bag is well-designed and we can see Pocari Sweat in large letters printed on it. Pocari Sweat is a health drink that helps restore the water and ions in our body. A popular drink among athletes, it helps them stay hydrated after a high-impact physical activity.

Cooler Bag with Logo

Cooler Bag with Logo


Here’s Why We Love Pocari Sweat’s Cooler Bag with Logo

1.Design that Boosts Brand Remembrance

The custom cooler bag comes in their signature blue and white color combination. It is refreshing to the eyes just like their drinks are to the body. Sticking to their signature colors has helped them improve brand.


2. Ergonomic Design

Pocari Sweat’s promotional cooler bag is equipped with a zipper to keep contents safe. It is also insulated to ensure that drinks stay cool all day long. Lightweight and easy to carry, it is ideal for gym, sports, and outdoor use.

Cooler Bag with Logo

Cooler Bag with Logo

3. Suitable for Almost Everyone

This cooler bag with logo is such a fantastic gift for customers. Pocari Sweat’s consumer base ranges from young kids, to athletes, and adults. So this gift is ideal for just about everyone.


4. Great Brand Impressions

Using this cooler bag with logo everyday can help increase Pocari Sweat’s brand impression. This is because consumers are reportedly likely to support or do business with companies printed on their bags.


5. Practical Giveaway Idea

The cooler bag with logo is a great giveaway idea as it is practical and is tailored to suit their branding requirements. Cooler bags make great promotional gifts because they keep answer to a specific need: to keep drinks cool all day long. As such, the value of the product increases as well.

Cooler Bag with Logo

Cooler Bag with Logo

6. Competitive Advantage

Customers are always looking for new products to try. However, one problem is that it can be difficult to convince them to switch brands. So what can you do to encourage them to take the leap? Offer them a gift with purchase or an on-pack gift. This is why we think Pocari Sweat’s promotional campaign is very effective.


7. Strengthens Brand Loyalty

Nothing makes customers happier than getting free items. Satisfied customers are more likely to make repeat purchases whether you offer a gift or not. Furthermore, the lasting power


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