Contests are a great way to introduce a new product. The hype and the excitement that comes with it are enough to direct the attention of customers to your promotion. Take the case of Nescafe Smoovlatte. To promote their newest line of coffee, they picked 10 lucky winners of Nebula Capsule, a brand of smart mini projector. This branded promotional giveaway is one of the most wanted gift items this year.

Branded Promotional Giveaway

Branded Promotional Giveaway

We found Nescafe’s advertisement posted on a fridge door at a 7-11 in Hong Kong. This triggered impulse buys as it is exactly at the point of purchase. Strategic brand positioning appeals to those who are looking for new products to try as well as people who are willing to make purchases on the spot.

Branded Promotional Giveaway

Branded Promotional Giveaway


So, how can customers obtain this high-quality product?



To win the mini projector, customers will have to spend at least $15 on Smoovlatte products. Then send their details such as Hong Kong id number, name, date, receipt to the number indicated in the poster. Nescafe Smoovlatte promotion lucky draw runs from June 10 to July 9, 2020. Here is a closer look at their promotional poster from their website.

Nescafe Smoovlatte Branded Promotional Giveaway

Nescafe Smoovlatte Branded Promotional Giveaway

Ten lucky winners will be picked in the grand draw. Nebula Capsule is a pocket-sized projector that can be connected to any device. The retail price is $3,299, so participating in the contest will be perceived as worth the shot!

Branded Promotional Giveaway

Branded Promotional Giveaway

Why This Promotion Works?

High-End Gift- Who can resist this expensive and top-quality contest reward? Not every day do you get a chance to win a high-end custom promotional gift such as this smart mini projector. This pushes customers to buy the products to be able to join the contest.

Time Limit- The contest runs for a limited time only, prompting customers to buy now before the contest ends. The time limit, in addition to very easy game mechanics, is what propelled customers to buy more than they originally planned. In essence, this served as the final push for customers to buy on the spot.

Trendy- Since the product is trendy, it is a great way to market coffee to Millennials and Gen-Zs. As it is portable, the branded promotional giveaway can be used at home or wherever they would need an audio-visual aid.

Exciting- The gift is a bit pricey when bought separately. However, the idea of getting this for free appeals to customers.

Wider Market Reach- When two brands collaborate, their market also come together to support them. As such, they gain new customers through this promotion. And this is why Nescafe and Nebula’s branded promotional giveaway campaign has attracted so many customers from different demographics.


Our Key Takeaways…

Nescafe did a tremendous job promoting their new line of coffee beverage. The use of custom fridge stickers also helped the brand gain visibility because it created an immediate call to action at the point of purchase. So customers loking for a beverage to drink will be primed to buy Nescafe Smoovlatte, thanks to the door stickers.

Another important lesson we learned from Nescafe Smoovlatte is that collaborating with other brand is an effective way to attract new customers and retain old ones. This extends their reach and helps them make stronger impact on their target consumers.


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