Nescafe is offering free on pack custom coffee mugs with purchase of their cappuccino original coffee. Coffee lovers will surely be grateful to receive a glass mug because it goes well with their product.

The on pack offer, which is made from thick glass, is perfect for their cappuccino. Customers will certainly enjoy a cup of coffee with their beautiful mug in the morning. Offering this gift heightens customer’s drinking experience because aside from its aesthetic appeal, it is also budget-friendly. Shoppers can have this mug at no additional cost.

Custom Coffee Mugs

Custom Coffee Mugs

On pack promotion is a commonly used marketing tactic because it is effective in capturing customers’ interest and improving overall sales. With an additional free product upon purchase, who would say no to your offer?

So what makes Nescafe’s promotional strategy stand out from the rest?


Custom Coffee Mugs – Why Nescafe’s On-Pack Promotions is a Hit!

1. Get 2 Items for Less!

Getting two products for the price of one gives customers more value for money. This is because buying these two items separately may cost shoppers more than buying this set. As such, they are able to save more while getting more of their purchase.

2. Universal

Mugs are universal and timeless products as no home is without a custom coffee mug. Aside from coffee, customers can use this for beer, juice, or water. It is universal in the sense that it targets a wide range of audience and it has always been on every one’s breakfast table.


Custom Coffee Mugs

Custom Coffee Mugs

3. Simple and Practical

Customers love simple and practical on pack gifts. Customer giveaways such as these promotional coffee tumbler will surely be used by shoppers every day, thus making Nescafe an important part of their every day life. Not only that, this ensures that their brand remains on top of their customer’s mind. Offering a product that they can be used at home not only improves your customers’ life, but it also sustains their interest long enough to get your message across.

4. Extends Brand Visibility at Home

Nescafe’s promotional mug is an excellent example of a promotional gift that customers will surely keep. Marketing does not end after the purchase. It continues at home. Scan your home for marketing gifts and promotional products- dishware, drinkware, T-shirts, keychain. You’ll find traces of advertisements even at the comfort of your own home. Why is that? This is because these gifts are practical every day items that benefit not only the business but the shoppers as well.

Custom Coffee Mugs

Custom Coffee Mugs

5. Brand Engagement

Every one likes to have a cup of hot coffee from time to time. Thus, it is beneficial for the brand to offer a free coffee mug for customers to pour their coffee or tea in. As your customers drink their warm beverage, the logo or brand name is on full display. Although we are not sure whether the glass mug here is branded or not, we are certain that coffee enthusiasts and collectors would love to obtain this free giveaway mug by Nescafe.

6. Sales Boost

Nescafe’s freebie works as an effective incentive and sales booster. Shoppers tend to choose brands that offer free giveaway products because they feel they get more than what they pay.


This is not the first time the company has given away on pack gift mugs and tumblers to their customers and here are some of them:

In this bog, we discussed how effective Nescafe’s giveaway treat is. Their white coffee mug with gold foil stamped accent matches their Nescafe Gold Coffee perfectly.


This innovative insulated mug will keep the beverage warm for longer. As such, this is the ideal gift for coffee lovers out there!


As part of their Nescafe Gold promotions, the brand is offering this unique tumbler as on pack gift. Nice branding and superb packaging made the product a standout.


So if you are considering using custom coffee mugs for your upcoming promotions, here are some quick tips to help you get started!


Marketing Hacks for a Successful On-Pack Coffee Mug Promotion

  • Choose the Right Materials: When it comes to materials, glass and ceramics are manufacturer’s favorite material of choice is because they can handle heat well. Furthermore, they are fairly easy to manufacture. For quirky design ideas, check out this blog:


  • Incorporate Your Message: Coffee mugs are a simple yet effective way to get your brand into the hands of your target market.  Take advantage of these amazing marketing gifts and print your brand name, logo, brand visuals, or company maxim on your promotional mugs. Customers may find your funny and inspirational quotes relatable and amusing which could eventually lead to sales.


  • Offer Different Designs: If you are interested in offering promotional branded mugs and coffee cups as promotional gifts to your customers, do consider having a range of designs. A collectible promo could help upsell products because it pushes shoppers to buy more.


ODM is here to help you out…

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