Branded Coffee Tumbler by Nescafe – stylish and free designer gift.

Coffee is a cupboard staple for many people. Adding a tempting free branded coffee tumbler, Nescafe are increasing their appeal to customers who search for in demand designer goods. In England Nescafe are also currently offering a promotion for Nescafe Gold.

Branded coffee tumbler by Nescafe - stylish and free designer gift

Branded coffee tumbler by Nescafe – stylish and free designer gift


  • Packaging – By using basic, gold packaging to emphasise Nescafe’s high end reputation whilst highlighting the promotion, allowing the branded tumbler to catch the eye of potential customers. This is enables the product to sell itself based mainly on the look of the product.

    Branded coffee tumbler by Nescafe - stylish and free designer gift.

    Branded coffee tumbler by Nescafe – stylish and free designer gift.

  • Regular Consumers –  The promotion is relevant to the brand as Nescafe sells a variety of coffee. A free tumbler will appeal to many of Nescafe’s regular customers. Making it easy for them to market the promotion of the free tumbler. It is a product that many coffee drinkers would find useful in their day to day routine, such as commuting to work.
  • New Consumer Audience – This unique promotion would also catch the eye of environmental supporters as the reusable, stylish yet practical free tumbler will reduce the need for disposable cups. This could attract a new, wider consumer audience to Nescafe’s brand.
  • Location – Having the product located at the end of an aisle allows the Nescafe promotion to stand out against their more regular products. The size of the product, in comparison to the others, is impressive. This will make shoppers feel like they are getting better value for their money, making them more likely to purchase the product. The location at the end of the aisle means that shoppers who are not necessarily looking  for coffee or nescafe products will notice it.

    Branded coffee tumbler by Nescafe - stylish and free designer gift.

    Branded coffee tumbler by Nescafe – stylish and free designer gift.

  • Advertising – The promotion is cost effective for the company due to it being a free form of advertising.  Individuals who purchase the product and use it in public will be promoting the Nescafe brand for free.

Overall , the promotion is cleverly designed by Nescafe not only appeal to their regular consumers. But also to reach out to a wider range of prospective shoppers. However, the appearance of the product upholds the high end reputation that centres around Nescafe’s brand.

Improvements on Branded Coffee Tumbler

  • Having ‘Barista’ looks stylish on the tumbler. But does not necessarily promote the brand, as well as having Nescafe on it may which could be easily fixed by incorporating the brand name on the tumbler. If done it could significantly increase the amount of sales that the company would receive though cost effective advertising.
  • It may also be beneficial to have a separate stand for the promotion. This would focus on the promotion. Simply adding more signs about the promotion would really increase the attention of it within the shop.

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