Mid Autumn Festival: an exciting holiday in China that many people are looking forward to. This festival is celebrated throughout China, and many companies are using this time wisely. Malaysian coffee company Ah Huat is offering a Promotional Coffee Tumbler with the purchase of a twin pack of powdered coffee as a part of their 2016 Mid Autumn Festival campaign.

Promotional Coffee Tumbler - Free Gift by Ah Huat

These tumblers with lid have been a great succes before, so Ah Huat decided to bring them back for a second campaign. On this display poster you can see that there are tumblers in four different colours. Each tumbler tells a different folklore about the Mid Autumn Festival through images on the tumbler. For example the stories about Chang’E and the Moon and the Origins of the Mooncake.

Promotional Coffee Tumbler - Free Gift by Ah Huat3

Why would you want to shake your coffee, you might wonder? The purpose of this Promotional Coffee Tumbler is to easily mix the powdered coffee with boiling water or milk. The number 8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture, bringing prosperity and happiness. Shaking the tumbler eight times will bring good luck to the drinker.


Why do we like this Promotional Coffee Tumbler idea?

  • Design appeal: the tumblers are cleverly designed, four different colours with four different folklores. The Mid Autumn Festival and the folklore behind it is very popular in Chinese culture, so these tumblers will be in high demand. By making every tumbler different with another story, it might stimulate customers to collect all four, which will boost sales.
  • Brand recognition: Every time when customers use the cup after purchasing the coffee for the Mid Autumn Festival, they will be reminded of the brand Ah Huat. The tumblers are definitely an eye catcher, so other people who see the tumblers might also want a tumbler of their own.
  •  Practicality: Because the coffee tumbler is specifically designed with a lid so that it can be shaken, this is a very useful product. Customers can bring this cup with them in the car, to work or to school. Next to that, the cups also tell an important folklore in Chinese culture, so it’s even educational!

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