Equal, a brand of sweetener, is running an interesting incentive for their loyal customers in Thailand. Shoppers will get a pretty promotional coffee cup as an on-pack promo gift when they buy a box of Equal Classic.

Equal Gets Their Message Across with a Promotional Coffee Cup

Equal Gets Their Message Across with a Promotional Coffee Cup

Many fear that sugar in their drinks will make them fat or sick. Equal positions itself as a healthy alternative to sugar. Their free promotional cup serves as a reminder that people can drink their favorite beverage without the guilt. Most importantly, it has a strong connection with their product.

Equal Gets Their Message Across with a Promotional Coffee Cup

Equal Gets Their Message Across with a Promotional Coffee Cup

Unlike other marketing gifts, this coffee cup by Equal featured Christmas-inspired designs and was available in two colors: red-white and blue-white combo.

Promotional Coffee Cup: What Makes it a Good On-Pack Gift

  • Practical: Practical and very handy, it can be used at home and in the office. Since customers will use them for drinking their favorite beverage, they will eventually associate your brand with useful freebies.
  • Timely: The gift with purchase reflects the Christmas season and the spirit of gift-giving. Its custom product packaging and festive design are encouraging people to buy this product as gift for their friends and family.
  • Good Brand Positioning: As you can see, the brand name is printed on the inside part of the cup. As customers use the cup, the brand gets exposure on a regular basis.

Promotional mugs are among the most widely used marketing items today, and here’s why…

Why Promotional Coffee Cup?

  • Customizable: When customizing a promotional coffee cup, the possibilities are endless. Every part is ideal for printing logo, brand name, or message.
  • There is a Demand: It is a product which people use in their every day life from the moment they wake up until they prepare for bed in the evening. This is because drinking hot beverage during or after a long day’s work can provide instant relief.
  • Long Lasting Exposure: Materials can vary from ceramics to stainless, and silicone. Because it is fairly durable, it lasts long and customers can use them for months- even years. As a result, your brand gets to enjoy unlimited advertising benefits every time customers use it.
  • Great for Any Project: Custom mugs are ideal for any type of promotional projects and products. Marketers can also use them as a corporate giveaway or as a coffee shop merchandise.

There are many ways you can use a promotional coffee cup within your campaign. Furthermore, its importance and benefits cannot be measured. So, if you are looking to give your brand a boost, why not create your own custom designed mugs and cups?

Here, at ODM, we love exploring new designs and innovations to make your promotional products more interesting. Contact us today.

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