Kopparberg was established in the year 1882 in Kopparberg, Sweden. It is considered the pioneering spirit not just in Sweden but also in different parts of the world. In the past few years, Kopparberg tried different ways to boost the popularity and the sales of the company. They came up with various strategies to gain more customers and retain the ones patronizing the company. One of their recent promotions is the Kopparberg gift set that comes with a custom mug and cinnamon sticks.

Kopparberg Gift Set - Custom Mug and Cinnamon Sticks

Kopparberg Gift Set – Custom Mug and Cinnamon Sticks

Here are some important features to consider when offering a custom mug as a gift set.

  • Custom Packaging

We love this promotion because it is not just a standard mug being given away. but also beautiful idea for a Christmas gift, a set with cinamon sticks adds some warmth and festive flavor to this marketing campaign. Everything is packed in a custom box which is making the promotion very special.

  • Add a twist in the common free gift item

Using a custom mug as a free gift is not a new concept, it has been a popular kind of promotion for almost a decade. Many other brands such as Nescafe, have already used a mug as a free gift item for every purchase of their product but the two pieces of additional cinnamon sticks making the promotion unique. The spices provide a stronger cinnamon flavor that makes the Kopparberg taste better. By adding a simple twist in the common free gift item promotion, Kopparberg proved that their concept is fresher than the one from their competitors.

What makes Kopparberg’s promotion rise above the rest is the additional impact of the custom packaging. In addition, this festive promotion came just in time for the Christmas season.

  • Durability and food safe quality of the custom mug

The materials used in the custom mug must be durable enough to last for at least a year. Aside from that, the custom mug should be food safe. In ODM Group, we collaborate with different factories and manufacturers who offer not just food safe but also high-quality raw materials. With this we make sure that each and every custom mug set we provide will last and can be used multiple times.

Kopparberg came up with something cozy for their customers. If you want to offer a custom mug, ODM Group is here to help you out.

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